The first statement is that ‘HARD WORK LEADS TO SUCCESS’

The second statement is ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’

Both statements are often misconstrued as being literal whereas they are both figurative.

These statements apply to all aspects of life. This writeup will focus on its relevance in the fitness industry and how it affects us mentally and physically.

Let’s take a look at the “hardwork concept”.

TASK: Mr H , Mr S and Mr I were told to fetch water into a 100 liter tank sitting on the ground about 10 meters away from the tap.

AVAILABLE RESOURCES :a 15 liter bucket, a 15 meter hose, a 25 liter keg.

Mr H: used a 15 liter bucket and fetched the water about 7 times and poured into the tank.

Mr S: used a 25 liter keg and fetched water 4 times and poured into tank.

Mr I: just fixed the 15 meter hose on the tap and inserted the other end inside the tank.Turned the tap on,waited till tank got full and turned tap off.

There’s a high probability that after the completion of the task, Mr H and Mr S would not only be all sweaty, they would be breathing heavily and would be exhausted. On the other hand, it would seem as if Mr I did not do anything.

So which one of these 3 would you consider as hard work?

Truly knowledge is power.

This is the same way people misconstrue hectic sweaty workouts for hard work whereas it might not necessarily yield optimum results. No wonder some people end up turning to gym rats and in turn mislead others that want to workout into believing that unless they perform exercise like monkeys, they won’t see results.

Working out in a smart and effective manner is the only way you can have lasting results without injuries. For instance all machines have their rated output performance by the manufacturer. If a machine is operated beyond its capacity it will definitely breakdown.The human body also operates like a machine – this does not mean you’re ROBOCOP.There’s a limit in which the human body can reach at every particular time and if this limit is exceeded there will be consequences.The damage will always be proportional to the extent the body was overworked. Luckily for us, the body has such a great mechanism and it can be upgraded or downgraded according to your activity level within its tolerance range. It upgrades when your activity level is high and it downgrades when activity level is low.

Most fitness problems occur when you push yourself harder than the current capacity of your body. For instance, running on the treadmill for  hours at once in a training session does more harm than good; it’s counter productive. Also, carrying more weight than your body can support during a workout would have consequences.Therefore, you should try as much as possible to exercise within the boundary.
There are lots of things you might think you are doing correctly not knowing it’s otherwise. For exercise to be productive, several factors have to be considered. These include body capacity, balance, coordination, frequency, intensity and so on. Instead of boring yourself with all these factors,why not just get a personal trainer that would do all these on your behalf so that you can be rest assured that you are on the right path?
YES, this is where a personal trainer comes in. This is someone that possesses profound knowledge on how exercises/workouts work and how the human body responds to stress and strain that occur,Click here and let’s get started.

Now, I have reconstructed the 2 statements ‘killing us’ to what I think would stimulate the thinking faculties of the interested persons rather than confuse them. The statements should be



Till we meet again,work intelligently and exercise as required.

Babajide Adediran.

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