This is the first law that must be obeyed. If you don’t believe you can lose fat you won’t lose fat. During consultation sessions, I have encountered a number of clients that had this problem and things changed for the better when they got enlightened on the importance of believing it is possible to lose fat.

Obviously, it wasn’t their fault that they thought it was impossible for them to lose fat. Their disbelief was as a result of accumulated failed past attempts in losing fat, and so, they just concluded that they it was impossible to lose fat and weight. In fact, their conviction on this false conclusion was very strong because they had tried all sorts of fat loss pills in the past and still didn’t get positive results.

By the time we discussed extensively they saw the light and realised that it was possible for them to lose fat and the interesting thing was that as soon as they followed the guidelines that we discussed, they started losing fat.

If a person does not believe that something is possible for him or her to achieve, it would be difficult for such a person to attain such a thing because the game is already lost before it even started. It’s like a faithless prayer or a doubtful athlete on the race track.
Therefore it is highly essential that you believe that it is possible for you to lose fat.

This is another problem that exists and persists. Some people think that if they want to lose fat the best thing to do is to avoid eating food or embark on some sort of starvation journey .This is reasonable when we consider it in an exact science manner but the body does not operate in a straight forward manner. It is not simple addition and subtraction; there are several factors that determine the processing of what goes into the body and the outcome. When you starve yourself, your body metabolism decreases and you might even lose some lean muscle depending on the peroiod of starvation. Infact, many people that enrolled for the LOSE IT FAST program that i designed were surprised when they discovered that they were allowed to eat well and yet they achieved the weight loss which the program promised them.Thererefore, it is essential that you eat and drink water in the appropriate quantity.

Consistency is another major determining factor while it comes to losing weight and fat. No matter the form of exercise that you have in your routine, you just have to be consistent because it would pay off eventually. It’s like walking from a location to the other, as long as you don’t stop and you are consistent, you will finally get to the destination. Of course the rate at which you walk is another thing. The point I’m making here is that whether you are slow, moderate or fast, as long as you are consistent you will achieve your goal.

Often times we neglect this critical factor.We don’t rest enough and it is not our fault because there are just lots of things that occupy our time. It may be that we have to squeeze out time for exercising itself. Before we know, it’s another day and we have to do what we do to make things happen,so we hardly rest. Most people think they are stressed because they have no time whereas they actually have no time because they are stressed. Meanwhile, the only way to solve stress problem is by resting. Besides, your body changes and develops while you are sleeping.Therefore, if you don’t get enough rest, your body will not develop properly. For instance, if a student reads over and over without digesting what has been read as well as resting brain, will the student perform optimally?
Stay optimistic and keep on doing the good workout.


Babajide Adediran

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