About Me

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

One Of The Most Satisfying Things In Life For Me Is Seeing The People I Work With Completely Transform Their Bodies And Lives.


I am Babajide, a professional bodybuilder and instructor and I find it necessary to inspire and motivate men and women to live a healthy life through their embrace of body fitness.

No matter how much we choose not to care, our physical appearance goes a long way in defining us, more so we live in a world where we are mostly judged by peoples’ perception of us which often times borders on our outlooks. So with this in mind, I strongly believe there is a need for everyone out there to improve on their appearance through fitness and there is also a greater need to stay healthy.

This has led to my interests which are keeping fit and staying healthy and I dream of a world where every man and woman, young and old will not only understand and appreciate the essence of keeping fit and staying healthy, but will also utilize the resources available in achieving same.
The pursuit of my dream and my passion for fitness prompted the creation of Coolbodyfitness, an outfit geared towards bodybuilding, workout and fitness. While this outfit has been on, although unprofessionally, since my days at university, Coolbodyfitness only came to be after I bagged a degree in Elect/Elect Engineering in 2010. I have since been involved in consultancy, personal and general training.

You are welcome to my site and my world of transforming people into who they should be. Be motivated