will a LADY have MUSCLES if she lifts any form of WEIGHT ???

A lot of women think that once they lift any form of weight,they will build muscles.
This makes you scared as a woman  when you hear of weight or you are told to perform any exercise that involves weight because you think you will get bulky.

Of course,that is not how weight works.Naturally,women do not have much tendency to develop muscles,it is the testosterone level that determines the muscle development and it is low in women.So,in a normal scenario,even if a lady decides that she wants to build muscles and starts lifting extremely heavy weights,there wouldn’t  be much of muscle development when compared to a guy that  lifts the exact  weight.Those ladies you see with heavy muscles have already altered their body composition through the use of steroids.

If you( lady) want to perform any exercise that involves the use of weights,you should make use of light weights.For instance,if you want to make use of dumbbells,they should be between 1kg to 8kg.
As long as you can lift a dumbbell with your arm without feeling exhausted,the weight is right for you and you should also be able to exercise effectively with the dumbbell.

There are also some exercises that you might want to do that would involve the use of barbells or machines,the weight should be light as well,then you can progress to medium weights depending on the type of exercise that you are performing.

There isn’t a fixed  number of kilograms that you must carry but you should just carry light to moderate weight.The amount of weight depends on several factors like;

  •  the goals of the individual (how you actually want to look like)
  • the part of the body being worked on (for example,the weight that you will use for legs would be slightly heavier than that of the arms)
  • purpose(it might be for a beauty contest that is coming up soon,so the weight must be able to do the work)
  • the level of testosterone present in your body(some ladies have higher levels when compared with others)

So,when next you hit the gym,don’t be scared  to pick up dumbbells and workout with them effectively. In fact,you will see better results when you start using weights because there would be more resistance for the muscles and this will speed up the rate at which you burn fat.

Don’t go for heavy weights immediately,start with light weights then gradually progress to medium weights.Before you know it,you would have fallen in love with weights.Remember easy does it.


Babajide Adediran

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