This question creates lot of hazzles and pandemonium because  we all have various  opinions on what beauty is. You may think someone is beautiful while some may sincerely perceive the person as ugly.

In a bid to settle all these disagreements, the most popular answer is that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I don’t contest this because if you ask  an orangutan the same question, it believes that its fellow madam orangutan is more beautiful than our own Miss World.The “eyes of beholder” ideology only makes me ask the question “what are the principles that the eyes of beholder operate on?”

When you go back in history; things start unravelling. I notice that the character of a person is so deep that it affects the overall beauty; no wonder they say beauty lies within! A person of good character tends to have an appropriate attitude in all circumstances.

High morality is the principle of a person with good character and it affects  the person’s life in totality. Humans can be described as metals that have the ability of becoming magnets. As your level of morality increases, your level of magnetization increases as well and you attract good things. On the contrary, a person loses magnetism and becomes more of an ordinary metal as the level of morality decreases; which means the person does not attract so much things.

Talking about  the external looks which are mostly attributed to the beauty, there are several bodytypes. I have talked about this several times. A lorry cannot compare itself with a saloon car, neither can a sport car compare itself with a jeep; they are of different specifications. However they can all be fine tuned to bring out the best in them.

Therefore if you are big naturally, just bring out the best in your stature.You can achieve this by raising your metabolism and toning your body muscles. Do not attempt to go slim like a “lepa” because doing so is just like stripping and cutting off the parts of bus in an attempt to convert it a convertible coupe. Even if you eventually attain the coupe out of the bus, what happens to the engine performance? DEFINITELY IT WILL NOT MATCH UP WITH THE NEW STATUS. AND THIS WILL LEAD TO MORE FRUSTRATION.

Hence, you just have to be realistic and have a real perspective. Be happy with your genetics and make it better appropriately. Remember, ALL MUST BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH NATURE

All things bright and beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Stay safe.

Babajide Adediran.

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