Great tip for KNEE ARTHRITIS

Middle aged and older people may suffer from  gradual wearing-away of the knee joint cartilage,the joint may become stiff or swollen which makes it difficult to straighten or bend the knee,there might also be pain and swelling.This condition is known as osteoarthritis,it is the most common type of knee arthritis.

Taking a walk minimises the risks associated with knee arthritis,infact walking about 6000 steps or more daily may protect those that have knee arthritis and also people at risk of it.In fact,high end smart phones have pre-installed applications that monitor the number of steps you take daily.I know 6000 steps might sound outrageous but the  current recommendation for fitness and weight control is even to walk 10,000 steps most days of the week .

A research was carried out in which 1,788 were the subject test.The amount of their daily steps was observed with monitors over 7 days  and the functional limitation was evaluated after 2 years.The researchers found out that there was 16-18 percent  reduction in  incident functional limitation with every additional 1000 steps walked.Therefore,the advice is that those with knee arthritis  or at risk of it,should  walk at least 3000 steps daily and try to reach 6000 steps daily so as to reduce the risk of mobility difficulty.

If you don’t take much steps presently,don’t just increase the number of steps at an alarming rate.The increment should be a gradual process,you can add 500 steps to the amount you are currently taking,then increase gradually over time.


Of course,you need a pedometer or a software installed on your hand held device to monitor the number of steps you take.Since you can’t be walking and counting 1 2 3……..709……1300…………….So you can purchase a pedometer and wear it on your hips as you walk. Enjoy your steps.


Babajide Adediran

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