Yes there are. First and foremost, the unhealthiest way is starvation by not eating food. Another unhealthy way is by consuming any sort of pill.
Though you may lose weight initially but it stops over time and you are heading towards health issues which may be severe.

Weight loss using Treadmill?

Treadmill will help you burn few calories depending on how you utilise it. It will be effective if you perform high intensity interval training on it.

Can weight loss be acheived without reduction of Boob size?

The boobs are made up of fat, therefore your boobs will also reduce as you lose fat.

Can I lose weight only in a particular body part?

No, weight is generally lost throughout the whole body.The amount you lose on each part depends on your training program and your bodytype.

Can I lose weight and keep muscle?

Yes you can. Just make sure that 20-30% of your total calorie intake comes from protein and also perform strength training.

Can I Lose weight through Fasting?

Yes, you can lose weight through fasting. However it’s a temporary loss of weight; it comes right back once you start consuming food.

Can I lose Weight when I’m over 60 years old?

Yes you can lose weight irrespective of your age. Although at an older age, your metabolism will not be as high as it were at a younger age and there will also be a decrease in flexibility and muscle mass.Therefore your workout program will be designed putting all these into consideration.

What is the maximum weight that I can lose in a week?

This is a tricky one because there is no universal rule for the amount of weight that you lose within any particular duration.Your body type,workout routine and diet are the major determining factors.

Can I  lose weight by working out without gaining Muscle?

Gaining muscle is a great thing and it is different from being bulky. Ladies shouldn’t worry about getting bulky because it requires testosterone hormone to be bulky and it is an hormone that is naturally present in men and not women.

Can I Lose Weight in a Sauna?

Yes, but you are only losing water weight.The lost weight comes back once you feed and get hydrated.

How to Lose Weight and Tone Up

Have a goal to lose weight and tone up, then find out your Body Type. Create a nutrition plan and exercise program.

Start doing it and don’t allow discouragement to creep in on you.

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Can I acheive weight loss without giving up on alcohol?

This is a hard one. Alcohol contains empty calories, this means that your body has to burn alcohol off first before attending to the fat in your body.It all depends on your workout routine and the quantity of alcohol you consume.It can be managed if you drink alcohol moderately.

These are honest and genuine answers..I know there are other several questions not covered here, so in case you have any pressing question, kindly ask and I’ll respond as soon as it comes in.

Stay blessed.

Babajide Adediran

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