The potency of visualisation is unimaginable. Isn’t that Ironic?

Every accomplishment starts with visualisation whether you are conscious of it or not. Be it organisations, business entities, individuals or corporate bodies, they all have visions. Infact, Nigeria even has “vision 2020”.The reality is that there must be some sort of projection if you want to attain whatever you desire; it helps you understand what you are working towards.

In order to lose weight, you must visualise and see yourself losing weight. I am not saying that you should be delusional or soak your self in a false hypnotic state. However, once you visualise weight loss, subconsciously you will begin to act in ways that will foster your goal.You will become more positive in your thoughts as regards your fitness regime and nutrition.

By now, I believe you already know that your thoughts govern your life just like the way software powers hardware. Visualisation is like a simulation that enables you achieve your goals.

Your thoughts define what you experience and this determines your psychological state which then manifests physically.

Many people who are overweight believe they cannot lose weight. Infact a voice passes this message to them all the time. Friends and sometimes family have also imprinted this negative belief in their heads. So they just  result into eating whatever thing they desire and neglect exercises because they see no point in exercising and dieting.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the formular of weightloss is straightforward; perform appropriate exercises and eat accordingly. But even when you’ve known the proper workouts and healthy diet, there is still a major problem which is ;do you enjoy doing it? Obviously, if you don’t find it pleasurable,you will despise it and look for a way to justify your actions.This is when the negativity plague starts flooding your activities.

I have good news for you.

You are full of positivity.You have refused to let other people’s perception determine your reality. Passive comments and opinions no longer influence your behaviour.You have liberated yourself away from the false subconscious trap. Most importantly you have decided to take action.


A simple and effective visualisation technique that you should do regurlarly as you embark on your weight loss journey is for you to take a few minutes in a quiet place and keep an image in your mind of your body at its ideal weight or find a photograph of yourself when you were at your ideal weight and tell yourself that it is attainable because you were once like that or use a photo from a magazine but cut off the person’s face and visualize your own body getting slimmer .

Do this every day while you follow your fitness regime.Before you know it, your workout session will start becoming convenient and your attitude towards fitness will become formidable against negativity. No funny or detrimental comment will affect you again.

As you know,I  ain’t no magician, I’m just preaching the fitness gospel. Make sure you perform exercises and follow your nutrition plan.You will be surprised about how this will work you.

Man became a bird by building a plane
Man became a fish by building a ship
You can become anything by building your body
You can be incredible by building your thoughts

Tap into your resources and attain that body.

Babajide Adediran

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