There are so many information about fitness,whether it is fat loss,weight loss,weight gain and bodybuilding.It could be confusing at times to figure out how to go about your fitness goals.

Some information even contradict one another,hereby creating more confusion.There is a fundamental fact that anybody interested in fat loss,body toning,strength conditioning,bodybuilding and fitness in general should know.

The fact is that there are body types,which means that everybody has his or her own body type.All body types are good and can be enhanced so you should appreciate your body type and be thankful.

Body types can be likened to automobile,just the way we have saloon cars,sport utility vehicles,pick ups,trucks,buses,lorries, trailers,hybrids e.t.c. So in this context you might be a saloon car and your friend might be a bus while some might be trailers.

As we all know,each kind of vehicle belongs to its own unique class and is  relevant and important.

A sports car cannot be transformed to a lorrry but it can be pimped-up, to have the best possible performance and appearance. Likewise a body type cannot be transformed to another body type but it can be worked on, to bring out its best possible features.

A sports car would outrun a trailer in a race but a sports car can not carry the amount of load that a trailer would carry.The point is that all body types have their own pros and cons.

Therefore,the aim is to bring out the best of each body type,which basically means being healthy.Of course,you would agree with me that the important thing is for a vehicle to be in the best possible working condition.

Therefore,if you want to embark on the fitness journey,these are the key steps to take ;

  • Determine your body type category
  • Consider factors affecting your body type
  • Fine tune the factors
  • Be happy

The fine tuning that i’m talking about are the series of exercises and workouts that you will perform to achieve the specific goals that you have in mind.Fine tuning also involves consulting the appropriate nutrition guide.

As long as you perform these exercises in the proper way ;stick to appropriate nutrition pattern and also consider the factors affecting the exercises,you will achieve the body transformation that you want.

The exercises that i will show you,are precise and have been proven to work effectively over decades.They are like prayerpoints to a spiritual leader and incantations to a traditional leader.

You will agree with me,that if you are to embark on a journey and you have been given the map and all necessary things that you might possibly need,it would be an added advantage,in fact a great one if an experienced traveler that is familiar with the route accompanies you.

I am that experienced traveler.You can always consult me and we would discuss extensively and figure out exercises that will work best for your lifestyle and interests.All available packages are affordable.

“For ye shall know  the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

Please stay tuned and enjoy my posts.