Welcome to 2016!!!!

People keep having resolutions for each new year. Some things get done, while others remain work in progress. Be reminded that a man can  change for good  at anytime in life. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with a particular day or date.The crucial thing is to know and remember that real development is a gradual process. As long as you are on the path, just keep moving and don’t be discouraged as regards your pace.

In order to acheive an irresistible appearance, there must be a concord among your ” workout, nutrition and rest”.

No matter the level of  disorderliness in your fitness routines, you must ensure that your  sense of balance and tranquility is maintained through the use of effective exercises and quality nutrition.

And most importantly, tune your attitude to the appropriate frequency. Everything is possible, achieving that irresistible physique is possible .

Let me drop a short sermon titled “GENETIC TRAP”

This is when we make the statement “it is due to genetics”.This is like accepting the fate that your body condition is as a result of your genes and that you have no control over them.

The point I want to make is that truly you are predisposed to it but that doesn’t mean you are predestined to it. Destiny is beyond the physical and not bound by physical laws.

Most times people accept their fate about a condition they are experiencing by blaming it on genetics. This should not be the case because every situation can be improved upon. I have discovered  that anything is possible in this our world. And a plethora of examples can be cited to back this up.

Though, this thought of helplessness is close to reality but it doesn’t quite do the justice. We are just avoiding the psychological pressure. We have to rewire  our thoughts towards the  genetic issue . We’ve got to reprogram the genetic code. This can only be achieved through positive thinking.

If it’s only one thing you will gain from this write up, let it be POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Think positively and there will be positive feedback.

Happy new year

Babajide Adediran.


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