Some of us already know what an Israelite journey means, but for total clarity, ‘Israelite journey‘ is a term used to describe a journey or process that takes excessively longer duration than the expected or normal time.

The phrase was gotten from the bible story of  the journey that the israelites made from Egypt to the promised land.The journey took them 40 years instead of 40 days.I know that it might  sound ridiculous and odd but  we Christians believe it as a result of our faith and we know it is real.

Now, if you think that the story is controversial or false, do you know that there may be some sort of israelite journey that you  have undertaken in the past or perhaps you are even on the course of one right now in your life?
Okay you don’t agree with me. What of those instances that you realised that something you have been doing for  a while could actually be done in less time and with little resources; Yeah I thought so.

The main essence of this write up is to let you know that a lot of people embark  on israelite  journey when it comes to fitness. They perform rigorous exercises for long period of time and only see insignificant results, whereas, there are better and more efficient methods that would derive great results. In fact, some don’t abide by the commandments of fitness: don’t worry I will discuss about that in my next post.

Israelite journey is full of disappointments and shortcomings. For instance, someone  who embarks on a fitness goal, maybe to lose weight and burn fat but without the knowledge of calories, hormones, food and exercise  may end up frustrated because the person may initially lose some weight but end up gaining massive weight and drooping fat. This person will likely abadon his goal of losing weight and fat just like how most people that embarked on the israelite journey never got to promised land.

It is my desire that you to get to the promised land (fitness land). As an individual, the first thing to figure out is the reason and the purpose of your exercising, after which you will plan a program that suits you.

Often times, a lot of people that workout and exercise  get misguided especially those new to the system. The mere fact that a program works for someone else does not necessarily guarantee that it will work for you. A program can only work effectively if it is tuned to you.Crucial factors like your body type, your current level of experience, must be considered and  most importantly it must be convenient for your lifestyle.

I dont want to talk much before you say that i am also writing in the israelite manner, let me just end it all here.

Stay blessed.

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