The society has tagged the word “FAT” to be a bad thing and this is giving a lot of ladies problem especially when they have slim people as friends and co-workers, or those around them just happen to be slimmer than they are.The situation has even escalated to the extent that some fat ladies avoid attending public occasions and  they
scrutinize every cloth they wear just to make sure that it hides some parts that make them feel uneasy. Some even avoid taking pictures and posting them on their online profile.They also feel so uncomfortable when people stare at them.

If you happen to be in this  “FAT” category, you must not give up because if you do, it means that you are allowing other people’s perception of you to determine the way you live your life. YOUR ONE AND ONLY LIFE.

It is time for you to start living comfortably and peacefully in your body. Remember that all vehicles can not be sporty or coupes, there must be saloons, jeeps, buses …..trailers.The important factor is for the vehicle to be in a functional and optimal condition so that it can serve its purpose effectively. Humans can never be the same. You need to start appreciating yourself or  how do you expect people to appreciate you if you don’t even appreciate yourself?

If you are reading this, it is most likely that you are fat or overweight and I really admire your courage for accepting that you are.This bold step that you have taken has already solved 40% of the weight loss and fat burning process because the foundation of the process is psychological.

Being BIG is not bad, likewise being SLIM is not bad as either of the  physiques can be bad if unhealthy. Someone might appear slim but is actually fat because his/her fat level is high and this is a very dangerous condition; I will talk about this in another post. Whereas some people are big and they have the healthy fat level;  I guess this is what some people call thick ladies.

Now that you have removed the mental barrier, the next thing is to also remove the physical barrier. I want you to know that anything is possible. You can always improve your present fitness status. If  you are still not convinced that it is possible, have you tried all the types of exercise routines yet? Then why do you think it’s not possible? Now you can see that it is possible.YES it is.

It’s just like  someone saying that it is not possible for a skyscraper to become levelled ground. Perhaps the person has not heard of DEMOLITION before.So ladies it is very feasible for you to lose weight and fat.
What you need is the appropriate workout regimen and nutrition guides that suit you as an individual. Most importantly, the exercises will blend with your lifestyle and in fact you will start experiencing an internally generated happiness within you.

I want you to know that i belong to all and i belong to all again. Please all you have to do is send your messages to me or call me, whichever you find convenient and we will discuss and figure out the workout regimen that would work best for you.

It’s not over yet, it just got started.Now the ball is in your court.

Have an awesome day.
Babajide Adediran.

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