If you understand the rules very well, you can break them effectively.

Nothing is perfect, there are always loopholes.The mere fact you can’t find one does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Life is already hacked.
You can conceive a child through artificial means; you can transplant internal organs ; and you can also change your gender.

Even the law is hacked every now and then; a lawyer may think he has nabbed a case until he realises that the opposing counsel has got him by the balls.

There are numerous activities that will help you lose an appreciable amount of calories but you may have overlooked them all this while.The beautiful aspect is that these activities seem trivial and yet effective.

  • cleaning of house
  • washing of car
  • clearing of compound
  • ironing of clothes
  • raking the compound
  • dancing azonto, shoki, galala and other energetic dance moves.
  • Having fun on weekends by visiting parks and being active.
  • climbing the staircase to your office; apartment; and in malls instead of making use of the elevator or escalator.
  • parking your car at some distance in the car park, so that you have to walk a little more to your destination.
  • standing instead of sitting while discussing with people
  • Increasing your pace while walking to a place.
  • Being playful in a dignified manner.

You can already see the trend of the activities, there are so much more! Calories get burned just by being active.

I’m not advocating that you should relieve your househelps of their duty or become a sweaty smelly person.

Stay active and grab fitness by the balls.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Babajide Adediran

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