ONLY POOR GUYS HAVE SIX PACKS because if they are making money,they won’t have the time to go to the gym.


This statement can only be made as a result of 3 things




Clearly, there are several benefits of having six packs. Besides the aesthetic aspect, it is obvious that whoever has six packs surely has an ideal and healthy fat level. A strong core can’t be overstated, it gives you real strength  according to your stature.

In  a couple of discussions with my female clients, I was able to highlight some of the reaction it stirs up from the Ladies’ perception.

Lady Diana said “It’s beautiful

Sister Iris said “there’s just this sensation that runs through  me whenever I see it

Aunty Clara said “I enjoy the way my finger creates ripples when I touch it

Madam Kelly said “ It turns me on

Just as you  know, if I start listing every opinion we will end up sleeping here . It’s damn long and mind blowing.

It is also a sex appeal to the ladies.Yeah, it gives you an edge in foreplay; wet waters baby gliding smoothly.

Note that when you have lean muscle mass and healthy fat level, things stand well and go up. So you ain’t gonna have problem getting it up.

On the contrary, when a man has big belly, his erection won’t be as strong as it would have been assuming he had an optimised fat level. He will still get it up but it certainly won’t  be like an IRON ROD.Then he may result to some enhancers like PONKIRIYON and ZOBOTONE .

And as regards the money aspect.Have a look at these pictures. This man has been trending of recent


See this guy too

Good life




How about this too

Good life2


Evidently, we’ve got  many fat bellied men that are so rich likewise we have a plethora of muscled and Six packed wealthy men. As a matter of fact when you start making real money, you become more conscious of your health status  because you want to live long and healthily to enjoy the wealth that you have amassed.

So you head to the gym and start working out.

Do I hear someone singing Rihanna’s work! work! work! work! work!

This is not a debate, it’s just to enlighten and shed more light. It’s  an expression of opinion and stating the obvious fact.

six packs……strong core……

hard and strong

Stay safe

Babajide Adediran.

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