It could be so frustrating when you are skinny and people can even make it worse by always reminding you of it.You might wear lovely clothes and find out that they lack proper fitting on your body. At times your mind might be messed with negative thoughts thereby bringing out negative emotions that lower your self esteem – just because of how you look.I want you to cheer up because if you are reading this,today is the beginning of a new season in your life, you will know the steps that you can take  and your skinny days will be over.

It is always good to have the knowledge on how things work so that there wouldn’t  be worries and fear.Often times,people say that they want to add some muscles but they don’t want to bulk up like the incredible hulk.You must know that muscles actually grow,it’s not as if it will suddenly appear on your body once you start working out.Therefore,the fear of bulking up too much shouldn’t exist because you will be monitoring your body as you workout and once you feel you have attained the physique you want,you will switch  your workout routine to a level that would just maintain the present muscle gains.

The reason for your present skinny state might be due to your genetics.If you have a fast metabolism,this means that your body breaks down calories at a faster rate than the normal one. This makes it difficult for you to gain any kind of weight,whether it is  fat or muscle.It could also be because you are not loading your body with enough calories, and it might be as a result of your strenuous lifestyle.

If your body were to be  a laptop,your metabolism would be the processor while  your daily activities  would be the softwares on the laptop. Let’s now say that you discovered that the laptop battery is always getting low most of the time, it is the same as discovering that your body is  always skinny most of the time .The reason  could be due to any of these factors;

  • your laptop processor is powerful which is equivalent to your body metabolism being very fast .
  • you  run multiple  softwares most of the time  which is equivalent to you engaging your body in lots of energetic activities  most of the time.
  • you don’t charge your laptop battery properly  which means you  don’t  eat  appropriately.

All these factors might even be responsible for your present skinny state.Now let’s talk about the solution on how you can bulk up  and gain more weight.The first step is for you to condition your mind towards working out because you have to lift some weights to develop your  body muscles and cause an increase in your body weight as well.The solution is  compound exercises  because they target muscle groups,they are exercises that involve the use of more than one muscle group at a time  and they will help you develop muscle mass quickly,so you will focus more on  these exercises  and can later on combine isolation exercises.BENCHPRESS,SQUATS,  DEADLIFT,SHOULDER PRESS ,DIPS ,ROWS are examples of compound exercises and you will base your workout routine on them.Click lower body and upper body to watch the proper execution of these  compound exercises.

These are things to note while working out:

  • You  should  focus on heavy weights that you can only perform around 8 to 10 repetitions and make sure you execute the programs properly.However do not try to impress anyone by lifting weights that you truly know are more than your present capacity.
  • Increase the intensity of your work outs and spend less time in the gym.Don’t have the illusion that if you lift for longer periods,your muscles will grow more.
  • Eat well because the muscles you are trying to build need nutrients that would make them survive and stay on your body.Since you are trying to add muscles,you have to increase the amount of calories you consume daily.Click here for more information on calories
  • Drink water and make sure your body is well hydrated
  • Rest well and give your body time to recuperate and replenish.Your muscles actually grow when you are resting not when you are pumping weights
  • Believe in yourself
  • Stick to the plan and don’t allow anybody to discourage you.

Remember that you developed into who you are today over some years,of course you were once a baby and you started growing and you are still growing even if it is no longer in terms of height.This is the same with your bulking up process in the sense that your body  will take some time to bulk up.As long as you work out and stick to all these guidelines,you will soon start noticing the improvement.

Congratulations as you say bye bye to skinny days.Cheers


Babajide Adediran.


  1. Hi, thanx 4 dis writeup! pls i want to know which one works better between using fat supplements to gain more weight or building of muscle. thanx

    1. Hi Helen,they both work together.Building muscles by working out is is like you learning mathematics while using supplements is like you making use of a calculator . Remember that one must understand the principles of mathematics and also the manual of the calculator.Cheers

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