Interest reads magazines, blog posts, watches exercise videos  e.t.c without doing anything; commitment applies them 100 times and over.

Interest wants to start working out ; commitment is already in the gym performing exercises.

Interest works out once in a while; commitment works out fervently through the week as scheduled.

Interest buys drugs and aesthetics to look fit; commitment is actually working out to be fit.

Interest is quitting after the third failure; commitment is continuing after the hundredth. 

Infact you might have started exercising with high level of excitement  in the past only to give up at the first pothole of failure.

It is neither late nor too late.You can do it.

The sweat of success is failure. Hard work naturally produces sweat, and sweat becomes evidence of your effort. 

You can’t experience success without failure.

Failure is simply a natural response to success. If you avoid failure you will also avoid success.

The iron gates of fitness are there to stop the people who don’t want to be fit badly enough. The iron gates are there to stop the “other people”.


Ask yourself these questions.

Are you like the rest of the people?

Are you one of the “other people”?

I know you will make a great choice


Babajide Adediran