how do I get rid of this tummy and flabs,i don’t like the way I look,everybody is complaining and I’m considering the use of pills,supplements,whatever.Which drug do I use?”

This question and thought might be your on mind .If it is,all you need is just more information and understanding about supplements.So,enjoy this short sermon.

Medication helps you  attain your goals whether it is weight loss or fat loss,especially  when you combine it with a healthy diet and physical activity. However, many over-the-counter diet pills that are being sold at health stores, drugstores, and online, are unregulated and may contain dangerous ingredients.

This is  because most  dietary supplements and weight-loss drugs do not undergo the same rigorous standards as prescription drugs. This is why you will see “these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A)” on the containers or packs of these drugs.

This does not mean that the drugs are bad or unsafe. It means that the drugs were not subjected to the rigorous laboratory tests of the F.D.A.Of course, these drugs were tested and evaluated in the laboratories of their manufacturers and necessary tests were carried out on the drugs before they entered the market.

So,if you are contemplating on using supplements,you must check the ingredients on its container, then look up the reviews on the product and finally consult your physician as regards the drug.

  • Be honest about your health conditions and inform your doctor before using the supplements(some supplements are not meant for people with certain health conditions,however if your doctor approves it,then you can use it).
  • Do not overdose or under-dose .Don’t use more than the required dosage because you want it to work more and don’t use below the dosage simply because you don’t want it to finish quickly.Stick to the right dosage.
  • You must exercise and eat good diet.Don’t say because you are using the drugs that there is no need for exercise or proper food intake.

After your doctor gives  you a go-ahead,monitor the changes that occur as a result of the drug and if you feel it’s causing some problems in your system,stop using it immediately and inform your doctor.

It might just be that your body is trying to adapt to the drug and if this is the case,the problems would disappear soon before you know it and you can enjoy the use of your supplement.

Also,if your body cannot support it,you will have to discontinue and maybe look for another supplement that wouldn’t give you problem.

It is possible that a supplement would give you problems and it wouldn’t give your friend,brother or sister any problem at all.This is because we all have different levels of tolerance.So, do not assume that a supplement is bad just simply because someone else reacts to it.It might actually be good for your own body system.

Once you consider all these factors and find an appropriate supplement that is suitable for you,make sure that you buy an original product because there are fake products and imitations out there  as well and always remember to check the expiry date.

As we come to the end of this sermon,I hope you now have some clarity about supplements  and you can decide to have  an affair with supplements . So relax and enjoy.

Babajide Adediran.

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