Just like you know.It’s always good to be comfortable and to have peace of mind. I will discuss briefly the issue of love handles. I know some people might be wondering what love handles are. Love handles are the fats that reside on the sides of the waistline.They might protrude out a little and at times they might fold to the back of the hips,it all depends on the amount of fat that is present in the body of the individual.

The message I’m about to preach is still the same message that I have been preaching all these while. It is body salvation,I want people to be free of bad fats and look delicious.

Love handles spoil the beauty of the body. It’s even worse if you are so pretty because people get attracted to you and the love handles would be some sort of blemish on you. It’s just like adding too much salt to an already well cooked and garnished food,the food won’t be appealing anymore.

If you want to know more about fats,I have talked about it before. Please click here to read about it.
I will go straight to the solution of eradicating love handles.

  • The first step is eating the appropriate food. As I always say, the food you eat is a major factor determining how you look. If you keep eating bad fats and bad carbohydrates, you would definitely have fats stored in some parts of your body which you wouldn’t like.You must eat healthily and also include fruits and vegetables in your daily food if you want to have a great body .I know it might be difficult for you to do away with those lovely tasty dishes that fall under the bad fats and bad carbs category but you just have to because life is all about sacrifice.The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. If you can stop eating these food that are the culprits you will be amazed in the next few weeks because there would be improvement.

I’m always emphasising on the food you eat because it plays the major role and no matter the amount of exercise you do,if you don’t eat in the appropriate healthy manner there wouldn’t be improvement.
The food you eat is like the gun while the exercises you perform are like bullets.Bullets are only useful when there’s an appropriate gun that they would fit into. Performing a lot of exercise without an appropriate diet is just like shooting bullets with a catapult. How will there be impact?There can only be impact when you eat appropriately.

  • The second step is exercises and workouts.I can tell you know this is the obvious.Of course after purchasing a gun ,you need to also buy its bullets and it’s a continuous process because you keep buying bullets after exhausting the ones you have.Therefore you will perform some exercises that would handle and tackle these love handles.The exercises are side planks,bicycle crunch,Russian twist,deadlift.sit ups and side bends.You can check out these programs under the exercise section.These exercises would really help you get rid of the love handles.Please do them religiously.
  • You must also avoid drinking alcohol, remember what I talked about on the effects of alcohol.You can click here to know more about alcohol and your body.Then always stay hydrated as water does a lot in the body.
  • Then to top it all, you must have quality sleep and handle stress effectively.If your body were to be a computer,sleep would be the restart button. Sleep gives your body an overall refreshness and rejuvenation.Try as much as possible to always have quality sleep.

Once you start doing all these,the count down of the love handles eradication begins .

Work those love handles and make them disappear.Handle the love and don’t let love handle you.

Love yourself.

Babajide Adediran.



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