Freedom is great and most people want to be free.When you are free,your mind is at rest.People do so many things so as to be liberated,they take many steps that they think would help them gain freedom financially,mentally,academically,socially and they even belong to religious groups in the pursuit of spiritual freedom.In all aspects of life,people just want to be free.

Freedom extends to the body in the sense that people want to appear  any way they  feel like,they don’t want any sort of limitation as regards their appearance .As a woman you would want to make up and dress in whatever way that would make you happy.However, there are times you will want to wear a cloth but you realize that you just can’t because of how  certain body parts of yours look in the cloth.We are discussing about arms today and imagine if you want to wear a sleeveless gown,armless top or anything and you tried it on only to see how flabs are dangling from your arms,you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it.

You shouldn’t feel bad if you have flabby arms because  naturally as you grow older,some hormonal changes start to occur and your body fat level increases while the muscle toning drops  as well.Flabby arms are more obvious in overweight people because they have high body fat levels.The 2 major factors that determine the appearance of your arms are:

  • The firmness of your arm muscles:If your arm muscle tone is high,there won’t be flabs  but if it is low,there would be flabs because the muscles won’t be firm.
  • Your body fat level:If your body fat level is moderate,there won’t be flabs but if your body fat level is above the moderate level,there would be proportionate flabs depending on how much body fat you have.

In order to get rid of arm flabs you must address both factors. There would still be flabs in your arms if you neglect either of the factors.For instance, if you work on your muscle tone and it gets firm but your body fat level is  high,there would still be flabs.So the body fat level plays an important role as well  in the arm flabs and you must  attend to these 2 factors if you want to get rid of arm flabs.I will use the laundry illustration so that you can have a clear picture  of how the bones,muscles and flesh in the arms relate to one another.

Let’s imagine that a cloth is being held on a rope line with pegs.The rope line represents your arm bone, the pegs used to hold the cloth represent your arm muscles,the cloth itself  represents  the visible flesh around your arm.

IMAGINATION 1 :the shirt is pegged on the rope line and it is buttoned.This is the situation where there is high muscle tone and the flesh around the arms have moderate fat level,so there are no flabs in your arms.Let’s call it  HIGH MUSCLE TONE &LOW FAT.

IMAGINATION 2 :the shirt is pegged but it is unbuttoned on the rope line.This is the situation where there is high muscle tone but the fat level has increased thereby causing flabs.let’s call it HIGH MUSCLE TONE & INCREASED FAT.

IMAGINATION 3: the shirt is pegged with less pegs and unbuttoned.This is the situation where there is little or no muscle tone and the fat level is also increased thereby causing more flabs.Let’s call it LOW MUSCLE TONE & INCREASED FAT.

IMAGINATION 4: For overweight people,the shirt is now being substituted with a graduation gown.Imagine how a graduation gown would look if it is pegged on the rope line  with few pegs,there would be plenty flabs.This situation is called LOW MUSCLE TONE & HIGH FAT.

Therefore if we want the shirt to look good on the rope line ,we must make use of enough pegs and try to fully button up the shirt.
In the case of overweight people which is the graduation gown on the rope line case,we would try to use lots of pegs or better still get big hangers that would hold the gown and we would try to slimfit the gown.
The  2 steps you will take in getting rid of arm flabs are:

  • Increase the muscle tone of the arm muscles:This can be achieved through  exercises.The types of workout that would increase the arm muscle tone are  exercises that work directly on the arms,examples are dips,dumbbell bicep curls ,push ups,pull ups,close grip benchpress and dumbbell shoulder press. Click here to view these exercises.
  • Reduce the body fat level:You should avoid fatty foods(bad fats) and processed food(bad carbs).Then introduce fruits and vegetables into your daily food,also try to drink lots of water to stay well hydrated.Then you will include aerobics like jogging,running,swimming,dancing  so that you can burn off fat as well.

As long as you keep performing these exercises and you stick to a healthy food intake,the flabs will start dissapearing.Then you can have  freedom as regards choice of clothes and all.

So peg it and button up. cheers

Babajide Adediran.


  1. A person with extremely flabby arms needs to start with a dumbbell weight that she is only able to lift 15 repetitions (proper execution).The weight would depend on the individual.

  2. Hi, please my arms are bigger than the other parts of my body. I had always thought that if i try reducing the fat on my arms the other body parts would go slimmer as well.

    1. Yes you’re right.You have to perform aerobics and selective weight workouts so that you can have slimmers arms.Just like you said,the aerobics would cause a general weight/fat loss in your body.The bright side is that as your muscle tone increases,it makes your body more firm and sexy.

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