Jesus was muscular.


Jesus’ physique is often being misrepresented because I’ve heard so many people say “Jesu ko ni ge” which means Jesus did not have muscles. Some songs and slangs  have implied this as well. I strongly beg to differ.

Pardon my manners if you think that I am digressing  from fatloss and muscle toning topics. I have taken this write up upon myself as a soldier of christ.

I know you may be in doubt that he was a muscular man.

So let me throw in some food for thought.

  • He drove away those that were gambling and committing all sorts of atrocities in the temple.These people were hardcore criminals. Can a skinny feeble man drive away criminals that were making illegal income in their territory? Jesus literally kicked their asses.


  • His disciples were fishermen…….these were  all crude energetic people and Jesus blended with them because he also had a strong athletic body.


  • His father was a carpenter, and he most likely assisted him in  some heavy lifting et all.


  • He carried a heavy cross and wore a crown of thorns.Can a fragile person do that? He had high level of muscular endurance  and drop jaw cardiorespiratory fitness.

Most of all Jesus was a charismatic, profound teacher and ultimately spiritual.

Just before I round up, I want to state explicitly that I do not know the name of the gym that Jesus made use of, but I know he had a V.I.P membership card with “JCONJesus Christ of Nazereth boldly written on it and this card covered his disciples.

I can’t  tell you their workout routine either but they performed some bench presses, squats and crunches.

Although, in as much as some people misrepresent Jesus, I must acknowledge  the fact that the images and crucifixes got it right by highlighting his impeccable six packs.

In case this write up makes you feel akward in any sense, ask yourself a crucial question:


Where is your personal sense of humour?


Stay blessed.

Babajide Adediran


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