There’s a need to be realistic when it comes to fitness goals.The exercises we choose to perform on our bodies should be effective, achievable and sustainable so that we can embrace our routines to  become part of our lifestyle. The truth is we don’t enjoy inconvenience and will always try to avoid it whenever possible. I am a human being, so I know how people feel: of course you know I’m not a plant.

There are so many workout programs and regimen circulating the earth and they all work in one way or the other. Our quest is to find the most suitable ones for ourselves.

Should an assignment that is meant for an S.S.S 3 student be given to a J.S.S.2 student to do?

How will the performance be if that happens?

Ideally, the level of complexity of the lesson a teacher will teach a student should be determined by the student’s intellectual capacity (class). Except the student in question happens to be Albert Einstein (father of modern physics who was a genius).

The point I am making is that the exercises and how you  perform them should be determined by your current level in fitness and  health because I am assuming that you are not an alien from Pluto. reasons and feels along with you, that is why the workout regimen given to clients are achievable. We understand that we are dealing with people not machines and your emotional state also affects the way you take your workout regimen seriously. This is why we value our relationship and always try as much as possible to communicate effectively with you.

The exercises that we give out are just enough to make you achieve your goals.They serve the purpose that they were designed for.

As far as fitness is concerned,

it  is  better for man to want more and be fully motivated  than to get worn out and be overly uninterested.

I remain your fellow human being giving out humane exercises

Happy November

Babajide Adediran.




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