Some people get discouraged when they hear of “diet”.This is because the word “diet” has been attributed to starvation or deprivation of food.
What I mean by diet is the nutrition plan/meal plan that will enable you to lose weight not denial of food intake.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing like one special best diet or magical food, what exists  are guidelines to best diet.These are rules that if followed will lead to fat loss and weight loss.

There is no difficulty about meal plans, they are simple once you understand how they work and you are about to know that right now.

A meal plan works on 4 principles.

1.The types of food that are consumed;You will store fats all over your body if you normally consume bad carbohydrates and bad fats therefore a meal plan ensures that you eat good sources of carbohydrates and fats.

2.The calorie content of food that you eat;You will gain weight and fats if you eat more calories than your daily requirements. A meal plan  for weightloss considers  your daily calories requirement and makes sure that you  eat less than it.

3.The ratio of the major classes of food (macronutrients); a meal plan determines what percentage of your meal comes from protein, carbohydrates and fats.For instance, a meal may be in the ratio 15% fat  50%carbohydrates 35% protein.The ratio depends on individuals.

4.Timing of meals; a meal plan makes sure that you consume certain foods according to the metabolism rate of your body at a particular time of the day.

There is nothing like one size fits all when it comes to fitness, although it might be close to your size but we want a perfect fit therefore the nutrition plan must be tailored according to your own personal preferences. 

For instance, the mere fact that 2 people make use of this same model of car does not mean that they will both consume the same amount of fuel if they travel the same distance.One of them may use the airconditioner  and even carry heavy load in the boot which means that more fuel will be consumed.Therefore, don’t think that the metabolism of 2 people who are alike will be the same; a lot of things happen inside the body that will wow you.

Another false assumption that people make in the bid to lose weight is
starvation or distorted eating pattern, thinking that it would help them lose weight. IT IS A WRONG METHOD OF LOSING WEIGHT.

Let me just set things straight by telling you few facts about weight loss.

Starvation or distorted eating pattern affects certain hormones in the body and  it makes the body metabolism slower and eventually leads to rebound effect (massive  weight regain).

This happens because whenever you starve yourself, the body slows down the processes in the body in order to protect itself. Initially you will lose some weight but it decreases over time and eventually when you start eating food again, your body will process it in a different manner and your body will start to store more fat.

Some people also think that they must totally avoid eating fats if they want to lose weight.This is also a wrong assumption because  fat intake is necessary and important. It plays a vital role in transporting vitamins around the body and it also helps nerve fibers to transmit messages around the body.The body also requires fats in order to manufacture hormones and protect body organs from disesase organisms and toxins.

Do not think that fats are useless or irrelevant in the body. However, you must consume the good fats in little quantity.

So how can a person lose weight? 

A person can lose weight by eating good carbohydrates, protein, good fats, vegetables, fruits and water in the appropriate quantity.

The essense of this post is to let you know more about meal plans. Go to and check out the available meal plan packages. They are very affordable. 

Remember health is wealth.


Babajide Adediran

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