It is true that quite a number of men want to have a relationship with a tall slim sexy ass lady; the cover page model stature. Besides the asthetics, this phenomenon may have been caused or aggravated  by the  non-stop campaign  bombardment of the societal fashion industry which uses slender ladies incessantly to promote their clothing lines. However, as men evolve in wisdom, knowledge and  understanding ,they realise that what really matters is the attitude and energy state of a lady; the factors responsible for soul connection and upliftment.

This realisation is uncomfortable  at first but it gets reinforced  by the fact that most people will eventually gain more fat or weight on the long run including men ourselves.This is as a result of natural and artificial elements like age, comfort, lifestyle changes et all.

Ladies, what a man needs to see in you is the same thing that you also want to see in a man.


Truthfully speaking, a slim lady may become fat likewise a  fat lady may become slim.
The real men are aware of this concept so as long as you seek a real man, this ideology will work for you. All a man needs to see is  that you are making an effort into being a better version of yourself. Make this your principle and you will be admired beyond comprehension.

Won’t  you rather pick a business that you are passionate about and also  keeps growing over one that is appealing and unpredictable?

I have given out so  many exercise programs, routines  and meal plans on how to improve your fitness state.They will enable you become the best version of YOU.

Follow through and contact me on whatever concerns you may have. I’m here for you 24/7.

We are all gold dusts
Mine yourself and become the real gold .

Babajide Adediran


  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up

  2. Wow. I like this. It’s so inspiring. As a single mother of 2 and a tummy to show for it who has never relent in my dieting hustle. Sometimes when men are attracted to me, I wonder why. Now I know, they must have seen the “EFFORTS” STRIVING “& Improvement. Thumbs up Jide

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