losing weight and maintaining that state  requires a lifetime dedication. You should not just focus on a “diet”,you should visualise  a lifestyle commitment. Once you make this commitment, the progress begins because everything has to do with the state of mind and of course you have already tuned yours to a great one, hereby being unstoppable.

The next thing ,is to let your goals be specific and realistic ,also achievable. Saying that you will cut out all dairy, sugar, meat, and  bad carbs is neither practical nor reasonable.The ultimate goal is to achieve a safe and permanent weight loss or fat loss. For you to shed a reasonable amount of kg  over the weeks means burning  around 500–1,000 more calories than you consume per day, which is okay.

No matter how dedicated you are, there would be a point in time when it seems as if what you are doing is no longer working,this is the Plateau Stage .It occurs when your metabolism slows as you lose lean tissue and muscle ,which is a normal part of healthy weight loss. After a few months of continuous weight loss, you may discover that there is little or no progress at all. This can be so frustrating, especially because you’re still being conscious of your diet and exercising regularly.

To overcome this situation, you’ll need to increase  your activity level or decrease the amount of calories you are consuming,so that the shedding of  kilograms  can resume. Try to cut few more calories from your daily meal, but make sure that you still consume at least 1,200 calories in a day. The duration of exercise can be Increased by 10 -20 minutes, or increase the intensity.

Do not be discouraged when you reach the plateau stage,it happens to everyone and you can and will definitely move past it. So stay positive.



Babajide Adediran.

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