It creeps in on us, grips us tightly and leaves us vulnerable as victims of food.

For how long shall we be in this bondange? The time has come for us to be  liberated.

Clearly, a formidable strategy to tackle any situation  emerges when factors involved are known and  well  understood. Let’s perform a root-cause analysis and see what craving is really all about.

Undisputedly, there are essential questions that will give clarity when answered.

What is food craving?

It is an intense desire to consume a specific type or types of food. As a matter of fact it is a sign of some sort of  imbalance in the body and it is different from normal hunger.

Why do we experience food craving?

It occurs as a result of many factors.They can be  categorised under physiology, emotion and desire.These are the 3 musketeers and are inter-related.

As far as physiology is concerned, Serotonin and Endorphins are the major players.They have great impact.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which exists primarily in the gastrointestinal tract , blood platelets, and the central nervous system. It helps relay signals from one area of the brain to another.It contributes majorly to feelings of well-being and happiness.

Therefore, whenever the level of serotonin drops, the body starts craving for sources that will increase its level. Carbohydrates  and sugar are the ones that can quickly raise this level.They are loyal soldiers. This is why  you crave for chips,cookies, chocolates,candies,ice cream and the likes.

Come to think of it,who doesn’t  want to feel happy always!! So, that’s  why the body wants serotonin level up incessantly.

Endorphins  make us feel relaxed.They block pain and also give the body feelings of pleasure. Consumption of sugary products trick the  hypothalamus in the brain and creates a sense of well-being. So we have high affinity towards the types of food that put us in this state. Clearly we crave for these foods so as to experience this euphoric  feeling.

Secondly, emotions are undeniably powerful. We all can relate to few or several moments in our lives that we fell into the emotion  trap. In fact it’s a  re-occurent situation in quite number of lives. Moods affect  the way we crave for certain  kinds of food. Boredom is a main culprit of heightened cravings while other emotions like  sadness; anxiety; low self esteem; stress; and loneliness also contribute to unnecessary  feeding.

Thirdly, there is desire. Naturally,people have several desires.In this context, it is the thirst for certain  kinds of food. It has a strong hold on us.This overwhelming thirst for food really indicates a hidden desire for pleasure. It’s just that we want a quick fix to feel happy,which makes us result to over eating certain kinds of food.

Don’t we all have  desires? Now imagine how deep it can be when it comes to food cravings.

Ok, what are the implications or consequences of irregular food craving?

This is pretty obvious, you will end up having surplus deposit of fat in your body and eventually become overweight.

So, what’s  the solution?

There must be concordance in your life.Your software and hardware must  be on point.

Naturally, whenever a need is unmet, a desire is generated in you and the longer that need is not met, the stronger it will grow till it explodes externally in the form of an uncontrolled desire to eat, feed and feast.

You should create means of comfort, fun, happiness and connection into your life besides the act of eating. By doing this, the overwhelming thirst for food will not  be overpowering. Always ask yourself the real pleasure you seek whenever you crave for food in an abnormal way.

Eat controlled portions of food across the day because when you don’t eat for a while and become hungry, the body tends to crave for more food.

Serotonin neurotransmitters need constant supply of quality nutrients. Make sure that your meals contain fresh fruits and vegetables.Stay off  highly processed  food. Sufficient intake of protein and fat with each meal  keeps your blood glucose from having irregular flunctuations and it  maintains a  balance of hormone production in the body.

Consume Healthy Fat. It is essential for hormone and neurotransmitter production. Do not be misled by thinking that fat should be totally avoided. Without adequate fat intake, it’s impossible for the body to produce enough serotonin. Just choose healthy fats that will keep you feeling great. Go for natural sources and avoid the processed ones. I have talked on fats before,click fats  and digest it extensively.

Regular exercise boosts neurotransmitters. An average of 45 minutes moderate activity 3-5 days per week will do justice.

Resting can never be overstated. Ensure you get sufficient sleep because insufficient sleep disrupts hormone production and can keep your brain from producing enough serotonin. At least 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep.

Stay hydrated. By maintaining a healthy level of hydration,cravings get controlled. No wonder they say “WATER NO GET ENEMY”.

Also  note how the cravings come and monitor the feelings. By keen observation you will get  revelations.

Let me state explicitly. I am not a disciple of starvation, I stand for abundance and uplift  of both body and spirit.
All I’m preaching is the truth which is why cravings got broken down today to shed more light.

Feed and dine in a controlled manner.

Never relent.

Babajide  Adediran.

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