flat tummy

When it comes to having a flat tummy or six packs.Nutrition plays a major role.This is why somebody might do all the sit ups in the world,perform all the crunches on the planet  and still not have a flat tummy.There is a popular slogan that ” abs are made in the kitchen” which means that if you want to have a flat tummy or six packs ,you must really watch what you eat.

The mere fact that you are performing exercise and working out does not mean you will have six packs except you cut down the fat in your body.You might actually have those six packs but they will remain hidden because another level of fat is covering them up.

Once you start paying attention to what you eat and make neccessary adjustments in your nutrition,the fat level starts to drop and the abdominal muscles starts  to reveal themselves.

So the secret to flat tummy and six packs is g ood exercise and workout routine coupled with healthy diet.

There are several exercises that you can do to attain a flat tummy.click here to view them.Stay blessed.


Babajide Adediran

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