Factors preventing your fat loss


You might have already become conscious that you want to lose some fat and might have even started working towards it,but you are being discouraged because there seems to be no progress.

The reason why you are not losing fat might be due to these factors that i want tell u now.

  • the type of food that you are eating:

The most obvious thing, is to avoid bad fats , bad carbohydrates and  sugary foods, especially the  processed ones.You should also avoid foods that  supply high amount of calories.I have talked about the foods you should avoid and the ones you can eat.Click this to read more about these foods and you can also check more about calories here

  • you are performing little or no exercise

It might be because you are not performing exercise or perhaps you are not doing the right exercises or even that you are performing them the wrong way.You can read through my posts in the exercise and workouts category to see the exercises that will help you improve the body parts that you want to work on.

  • you might be overdoing cardio

Cardio is from the word cardiovascular. Aerobics and cardio mean the same thing,the two words  are usually used interchangeably.Any exercise that involves  or requires free oxygen is referred to as cardio or aerobic.They are usually light and moderate exercises such as  walking,jogging,running,cycling and swimming.

Too much cardio leads to overproduction of cortisol and this increases the amount of fat in the abdominal part.So,do not think that spending more time performing aerobics  would burn more fat because it won’t  and in fact it is counterproductive.Remember the saying “too much of everything is bad”

you are not resting enough
sleep can never be over stated,you need to have quality sleep.A whole lot happens when you are sleeping.The body mechanism is so wonderful and smart,the growth hormone actually gets boosted during sleep.Also if you don’t have quality sleep,the insulin in your body  becomes insensitive gradually and your cortisol level goes up,which means that more fat will be stored and this is a situation that you must avoid. Make sure that you have a quality sleep.

So, these factors might be the culprits disturbing your progress.Try and adjust whatever you think you are not doing right and do not quit.Enjoy your day brethren.


Babajide Adediran

8 thoughts on “Factors preventing your fat loss”

  1. Hello, my sister has been trying to lose weight for a long while but hasn’t seen much diff. she does a lot of jogging and long walks, could this be the reason for her not seeing any improvements?

    1. It could prevent weight loss over time.It might work initially but if it is done without a strategy the body would adjust and could be counter productive.

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