Have you given up again?

You said you were gonna lose some kilograms but now you have even gained more. I know you may be feeling bad right now thinking that you are in deep shit, but don’t fret.

Whenever you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging because the more you dig the farther the predicament  becomes. Don’t  blame yourself  for  being in the pit, just take responsibility and  act immediately.

Often times,when we slip into the old habit of feeding inappropriately and not exercising, we tend to assume the attitude  of “what the heck, I had better just eat more, relax and enjoy because the deed is already done”. This awful attitude  is what pushes us down but it has to be corrected.The fact  that  you slipped by eating some cookies doesn’t  mean that you should continue and finish a whole pack. Likewise, the mere fact that you skipped exercises for few days does not mean that you should skip for a week/month.The point I’m making is that whenever you slip into old habits, it is never too late to stop and snap out of it.

Discipline is crucial if you want to achieve anything in this life. The funny part is that we are all disciplined; it’s just what we are disciplined about that is different. For instance, you may be disciplined towards eating junk food or disciplined towards not exercising.Yeah, it’s the same energy that it takes you to exercise that it also takes you not to exercise.Come to think of it, how come you know how to dodge exercising so well that you always have a pack of lovely excuses and the same way you always have a way to justify your junk feeding habit.The energy is already in you; it’s your mind, just direct it towards that which will serve you right.

Remember, keeping a good shape is a SACRIFICE. If you do it,there will be benefits. Don’t allow fear to hold you down.

If there’s a  lesson to learn about life, it is the fact that  things can always get better.If you are reading this, it means it is not late.

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Little healthy adjustments make a better body.

Get up and train.

Babajide Adediran.


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