Did I hear you say quit  ?





No matter what the situation is or how uneasy it might be, do not quit.

Never quit,if you think you are going through the worst ,You are getting it all interwoven. Most people are going through hard times but they just won’t tell anyone.Even when you ask them they would tell you that they are alright, of course it’s all lies.

The worst mistake you can make is to compare yourself  with others. How well do you even  think  you know them not to even talk of their real situation. People wear masks all the time,however it takes a real human to know what it is.


On your journey to having a great body, a lot of people would discourage you. This is because they know that you might actually achieve your goals and if you do, you will become a better person than they are. Most people see life as a competition, so they compare their life with that of others.They feel threatened by your success simply because it makes them seem inferior and renders them powerless.


This message is for you.YES,it’s for you.Please don’t quit,keep doing it as long you know it’s the appropriate thing to do.



Have a wonderful day.


Babajide Adediran.





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