Warming up  before a workout is very essential and necessary for optimal performance and prevention of injury.

How would you feel if your boss suddenly tells you while at office that you would be travelling  right now to a very far place without prior notice? How would you feel if he does the same thing next week? How would you feel if your boss keeps treating you like that without prior notices? Imagine that you are not always given time to plan. I bet you wouldn’t like it and your boss’s actions would result to resentments if care is not taken.

NOW, you are the BOSS and your body is the worker.Therefore, before you send it on errands you should notify it and allow it prepare or else your body might get vexed and breakdown.”Warm-up” is the notification.

Warm-up prevents the tearing of muscle fibres, tendons and muscle tissue. It increases blood flow to the muscles and also enhances the neural transmission and motor-unit recruitment. I cannot state all the benefits of warming up, in short it is really important.

A lot of injury result from  lack of proper and adequate warm-up .It’s just like operating a machine without lubricating its moving parts. Definitely the friction between the moving parts would cause wears and tears which would affect the machine adversely over time. Whereas if the moving parts of a  machine are well lubricated, it would improve the performance and longevity.

The kind of exercise that you want to perform should be  the determining factor for choosing the appropriate type of warm-up.Your warm-up could be active, passive or activity-specific. Please never overlook and neglect warm-ups.The next time you want to perform any exercise, warm up first and you will be glad you did.

Warm up and stay lubricated.

Babajide Adediran.


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