No matter how overweight or fat you are at the moment, it is absolutely  feasible for you to attain the physique that you’ve always wanted.

You may be one of those who think that slimming down is not meant for you simply  because of your present overwhelming fat and weight status.

Often times, people make utterances like “No I can’t do it ; It’s not possible ; This is not for me”

This is a grand misconception because everything is possible when you possess the knowledge and information about it.

I know you can relate to one or more  instances in your life when you thought you couldn’t do something but you later realised and achieved it.

Shedding fat and weight is not a different circumstance. The same laws of nature apply.

It’s a common phenomenon for humans to resist discomfort whenever challenged.
There’s nothing new under the sun. Everything has been done before. If a formerly overweight person can become slim, you too can do it.

We tend to have superficial reasons to not risk or try out new methods.This is due to the vague sense of things.We avoid being overwhelmed  with tension or feeling uncomfortable.

The main battle is for you to overcome the cognitive hurdle in your head.

Do not fall into the self delusion trap which makes you tell yourself that fitness routine is not what you want and now start hating exercises because you think it can’t be accomplished by you.

Naturally, whenever we are intimidated or threatened we convert our desire for something to hatred and start pushing it away so that we can justify not pursuing it in our minds. In this kind of scenario, we’ld say that fitness is beneath us, whereas deep inside us we actually want to be fit . It’s an internal mind trick that we play on ourselves.

This is the reason you see some pot bellied guys condemning the six pack guy by playing the self delusion music  in their heads which goes thus  “I am ok the way I am, this fat tummy of mine is a sign of good food and affluence, I can’t kill myself by lifting weights.It is for poor and jobless people.”

The female version of the self delusion music goes thus “I am fine the way I am, my boobs are fuller and my buttocks are on point. I’m not like the LEPAS that have no flesh…….TAAAaaa”

The reality is that playing the self delusion music stops growth and it leads to destruction.

You have to let go of whatever negative affirmation you might have created  in the past. Start telling yourself that you deserve to look the way you want.You are worth a lot, throw away akward belief system and start performing exercise routines. It is never late.

Coolbodyfitness has got you covered.There is a plethora of exercise routines and meal plans that will help you achieve your desired goals.Come and let’s workout.

Though your body fat may be as heavy as rock

It shall be made light as feather.


Babajide Adediran

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