The major determining factor of your success in life is your energy level.The higher it is the better your life would be.

A human being is like  a mansion containing all gadgets and electronics that you can possibly think of with the success of the mansion depending on the amount of gadgets and electronics that are functioning. Meanwhile these gadgets and electronics require a generator that would supply them electric current before they can perform.

Now, your energy level is the power rating (kva or kw) of the generator that will be connected to the mansion.
Therefore if your energy level is low like the “I better pass my neighbour generator”, you can only make use of few electronics in the masion irrespective of the tweaking and manipulations you make. Whereas if your energy level is high like the industrial generator (e.g mikano generator), you will be able to utilise several electronics and gadgets in the mansion.

The good news is that you can always upgrade the generator from a lower to a higher power….till infinity .The bad news is that it can lose power  from higher to lower..till nothing.

So the big question is how do you increase your energy level?.

The answer is to make sure that you are in accordance with the universe physically, spiritually and socially.

Physically it all boils down to your state of health because there’s little or nothing you can do if you are not in a good health state.You will not even think of how to make real progress and even if you do, it will be limited because you will be busy battling for survival. For instance, a patient of a serious ailment will not be thinking of how to make money, he or she will be hoping to get well.

Spirituality is the spirit in your body. It is just like the software powering the hardware of devices.Your laptop or phone cannot work without an operating system. Infact your phone or laptop will experience glitches if there’s any sort of software abnormally. It may even crash when it encounters crazy virus. Therefore your spirituality must not be compromised.You must try as much as possible to be of high morality.

Sociality is how you connect with people. Your relationship with people should be healthy and genuine.The more you spread your tentacles across the better. Sociality is just like the network connection (bluetooth, wifi,usb e.t.c) of a laptop or  phone. It is obvious that there’s little one can do without transferring and sharing of files, surfing of internet e.t.c. Knowledge is power and you get  information by discussing and relating with people.

Exercises enable you to align physical, spiritual and social factors because they improve your mood and stimulate your intellectual faculties.Remember that success grows just like the way you grew up to this present stage of yours.Therefore the alignment is a gradual process.

Take care of your body, elevate your spirituality and connect healthily with people.

Wish you a new month ahead.

Babajide Adediran.


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