Ain’t you curious that some people drink alcohol and yet  are still  in great shape?
By the time you finish reading this piece, you will have  a concrete idea on how you too can achieve that.

To be frank with you, whenever alcohol is involved in an ocassion,gathering or ceremony, moods lighten up and the people are merry. Imagine how a friday club night will be without  alcohol, in fact water was turned to  wine in the popular scripture during a party, how would the story be if it was like “and water was turned to fruit juice”…. don’t take it personally; or where is your sense of humour?

This phenomenon also applies to animals because monkeys are known to seek out fermented fruit  because of the intoxicating effect derived from it. Indian elephants have also been known to break into breweries  to drink alcohol. Yes some animals do keep it real too.

Of course too much alcohol consumption may create depression and pandemonium, therefore drinking responsibly is always strictly advised. There are many types of alcohol and I have talked about their effect  on the body.

Whether alcohol is good or bad is inconsequential because your opinion can be based on so many perspectives; be it  religious, spiritual, societal, traditional, cultural and so on. So, I’ll  just come off sentiments and stick to the fact.The fact I can tell you is that alcohol is legal: I bet you are  already aware of that.

Now, this sermon is strictly for alcohol consumers: the lovers, admirers and  occasional drinkers. We will look at exercises that  can  be performed to remove the  fattening effect that alcohol can have on the body after it is consumed.

Just as I discussed in alcohol and you, alcohol has calories but they are empty calories and  they end up getting stored as fat in your body. Whenever you drink alcohol, your body first eradicates the alcohol in your system because it is toxic to your body system and after the whole chemical reaction, some eventually get stored as fat. I don’t wanna  go into alcohol processing details now, clickalcohol and you”  to know more.

Now, let’s get into the topic of today. Each bottle or glass of alcohol contains a particular amount of calories and our mission is to have an estimate of it  so that we will perform exercise that will take care of it.

Since I cannot know the kind of alcohol and amount that you have taken or  intend to drink except you tell me, I have taken the initiative to assume a reasonable range which is 3 to 4 bottles of beer or 3 cocktails..This number of drinks is equivalent to about 500 to 700 calories depending on the type of alcohol. Click “alcohol and you” to know the amount of calories for various drinks.

Just before I talk about the exercises, you should also know that  your body weight plays a  role in determining the type of exercise,  its duration and amount of calories that will be burned.The exercises here apply to  60kg to 90kg body weight.

We are sticking to a duration of 35 minutes for all the exercises that will be performed.


1.Running  at 10miles per hour.

2.Running up a staircase.

3.Bicycling at a speed above 20miles per hour.

4.Rope jumping at a fast pace.

5.Cyling at 7miles per hour.

So for instance if Madam karashika  or Mr Ebora went out and had an awesome time taking 3 bottles of  beer, all he or she has to do  is any of the above exercises.

Each of the above exercises burns between 500 to 700 calories depending on the person’s body weight.

Note that whichever exercise you choose will restore your health, vitality and obviously it will give you mental clarity because besides the technique there’s a mindful engagement.This is the pure way to reclaim your health.

Stay pure and keep it real

Babajide Adediran.

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