Saying that exercise is easy is far from the truth, infact it is a lie – I just don’t know whether it is a big lie or small lie.

However, saying that exercise can be fun is very true especially if you know how to go about it.

A Kettlebell exercise  is like a double barrelled gun – it’s fun and also effective.

If you have been looking for a way to make your exercise fun, seek no more  for you have sought and now you have found.The door you’ve  been knocking is now wide open. And certainly you have asked and now you are being answered. It is KETTLEBELL.
Severals benefits  are derived from kettlebell exercises.

1.They strengthen your tummy and back muscles.

2.Fat burning is optimised because many muscle groups are activated.

3 . Flexibility of workouts :you can easily maneuver movements for so many exercises that you want to perform.

4 . There’s an increase in the strength of your muscles.

Ideally, kettlebells come in different weights which ranges between 4kg to 48kg and you can also customise heavier kettlebells to serve you personally.

Women can use between 6 to 20kg while  men can use between 12 to 40kg.

You should progress gradually through the weights so as to avoid injury. Stick to a particular weight for some time and see how your body interacts with it. There is tendency for the muscles  to adapt quickly while the weight may still be putting pressure on the joints and ligaments. In other words it is strictly advised that you closely observe how your body responds to a particular weight before increasing it . It’s crucial you perform the movement with appropriate form and do not sacrifice quality for quantity.


There are lots of kettlebell exercises, I will only focus on two. Ok, you want to know why. Let me explain myself- Even though the kettle bell may appear simple, wrong execution of the exercises comes with consequencesinjury” and we don’t want to get injured. These 2 exercises work on most muscles in your body.
They are :


Stand and hold the kettlebell closely to your chest then squat down while Keeping your chest and head up and your back straight. Pause  at the bottom and and return to the starting position. Perform repetitions and sets as required.

Goblet squat
MUSCLES WORKED:Quadriceps,Calves, Glutes,Hamstrings and  Shoulders
Grasp the kettlebell and hinge your body at the hips while sticking out your bottom(ass).Then use your hips to move the kettlebell and make sure you maintain the natural arch of your back throughout the exercise. Do not swing the kettlebell past your shoulders too much.

SwingMUSCLES WORKEDhips, glutes, hamstrings, lats, abs, shoulders, pecs  and fore-arm.
There  are basic  and advanced movements which you can perform as you become more familiar with the techniques.

The basic technique is just like someone walking normally  while the advanced technique is like walking in  the manner a beauty model walks on the runway.Obviously walking both ways will take you to your destination. Do you dig it?
If you still think that kettlebells won’t work for you; perhaps because you think they are small and may not amount to anything substantial, go and look at the way of ants; small, yet they build strong hills.
Have a good time.
Babajide Adediran.


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