1.Have a food journal. Write down the various types of food and drinks that you consume on daily basis.This is very important because by looking through your food journal of a week or two, you will start seeing patterns and you will be amazed with the deductions that will be derived thereof.Then you start making healthy adjustments as required.


2.Stay hydrated. Drink up to 4 liters of water daily.


3.Spread your meals across the day by eating 4 to 6 meals intead of 2 to 3 large meals.


Eat the main meals during period of activity.Your metabolism will be regulated and you will burn more calories.


4.Consume protein during each meal. This is a crucial requirement for muscle growth which in turn helps to burn more body fat.


5.Mix in vegetables and fruits in your food.The fiber helps control appetite.


6.Your daily intake of fat should be less than 30%.Stick to the good fats (mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated)


7.Perform exercise. High interval intensity training is the best and it helps you achieve more in little time.


8.Avoid consumption of soft drinks; in short, carbonated drinks.


9.Whenever you realise that you have been off the fitness track, do not beat yourself up. Just pause and re-strategise. Never give up.


10.Easy does it. Be gradual and consistent in your exercises and meal adjustments.



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