Fat is not an enemy of the body,it is essential for survival.It protects the internal organs in the body and supplies the required energy stores  when the body is under threat .However,the percentage of fat in the body should be low.

The acceptable amount of fat for women is between 25-31%  while that of men is between 18-25%.With this acceptable amount you will still be healthy and your appearance will just be normal(no six packs or sexy looks).

If you  want your appearance to be sexy ,you should be in Continue reading KNOW YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE


Carbohydrates(carbs) are essential and important in the body,they supply glucose that the body needs to funtion properly.they also provide some vitamins,minerals,enzymes and antioxidants that are important for good health.Some people think  that  consuming carbohydrates mean an automatic gain in weight because of sugar.This is not so,it all depends on Continue reading IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT CARBOHYDRATES (CARBS)

Factors preventing your fat loss


You might have already become conscious that you want to lose some fat and might have even started working towards it,but you are being discouraged because there seems to be no progress.

The reason why you are not losing fat might be due to these factors that i want tell u now.

  • the type of food that you are eating:

The most obvious thing, is to avoid bad fats , bad carbohydrates and  sugary foods, especially the  processed ones. Continue reading Factors preventing your fat loss


Buttocks which is also called ‘yansh’ is an essential part of the body,without it, we can’t sit and our body wouldn’t have good articulation. Some people have big buttocks naturally while some have average ‘yansh’ and some have small ‘yansh’.All buttocks are good and should be appreciated.

Genetics play an important role when it comes to buttocks,however,there are ways you can Continue reading ‘YANSH'(BUTTS)…LADIES

flat tummy

When it comes to having a flat tummy or six packs.Nutrition plays a major role.This is why somebody might do all the sit ups in the world,perform all the crunches on the planet  and still not have a flat tummy.There is a popular slogan that ” abs are made in the kitchen” which means that if you want to have a flat tummy or six packs ,you must Continue reading flat tummy


There are 2 things that matter when it comes to fats.

  1. the amount of fats
  2. the type of of fats

The amount of fats you consume affects your body weight but the type of fats you eat play a major role in your body weight.There are 4 main types of fats,2 types are good fats while the other 2 are bad fats.

Good fats protect the heart and  maintain overall wellness of physical and psycological health.Bad fats increase the Continue reading Fats


how do I get rid of this tummy and flabs,i don’t like the way I look,everybody is complaining and I’m considering the use of pills,supplements,whatever.Which drug do I use?”

This question and thought might be your on mind .If it is,all you need is just more information and understanding about supplements.So,enjoy this short sermon.

Medication helps you  attain your goals whether it is weight loss or fat loss,especially  when you combine it with a healthy diet and physical activity. However, Continue reading pills,supplements….

Weight loss..Fat loss…Muscle Tone