Saying that exercise is easy is far from the truth, infact it is a lie – I just don’t know whether it is a big lie or small lie.

However, saying that exercise can be fun is very true especially if you know how to go about it.

A Kettlebell exercise  is like a double barrelled gun – it’s fun and also effective.

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Welcome to 2016!!!!

People keep having resolutions for each new year. Some things get done, while others remain work in progress. Be reminded that a man can  change for good  at anytime in life. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with a particular day or date.The crucial thing is to know and remember that real development is a gradual process. As long as you are on the path, just keep moving and don’t be discouraged as regards your pace.

In order to acheive an irresistible appearance, there must be a concord among your ” workout, nutrition and rest”.

No matter the level of  disorderliness in your fitness routines, you must ensure that your  sense of balance and tranquility is maintained through the use of effective exercises and quality nutrition.

And most importantly, tune your attitude to the appropriate frequency. Everything is possible, achieving that irresistible physique is possible .

Let me drop a short sermon titled “GENETIC TRAP”

This is when we make the statement “it is due to genetics”.This is like accepting the fate that your body condition is as a result of your genes and that you have no control over them.

The point I want to make is that truly you are predisposed to it but that doesn’t mean you are predestined to it. Destiny is beyond the physical and not bound by physical laws.

Most times people accept their fate about a condition they are experiencing by blaming it on genetics. This should not be the case because every situation can be improved upon. I have discovered  that anything is possible in this our world. And a plethora of examples can be cited to back this up.

Though, this thought of helplessness is close to reality but it doesn’t quite do the justice. We are just avoiding the psychological pressure. We have to rewire  our thoughts towards the  genetic issue . We’ve got to reprogram the genetic code. This can only be achieved through positive thinking.

If it’s only one thing you will gain from this write up, let it be POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Think positively and there will be positive feedback.

Happy new year

Babajide Adediran.




What do I mean by chicken legs?

It seems you already know what it is  and just in case you don’t, it is a situation where an individual has  thin/small legs when compared to his or her  upper body. Your legs may be bigger than that of your friend and yet still thin when compared to your own upper body: it’s a relative concept, strictly your body and nothing more . Just the way the tyre size of a jeep may be bigger than that of a saloon car but it is small  when you put on the wheel of a truck.It’s always about you, never forget that.

Don’t blame yourself  for Continue reading HOW TO GET RID OF CHICKEN LEGS



There’s a need to be realistic when it comes to fitness goals.The exercises we choose to perform on our bodies should be effective, achievable and sustainable so that we can embrace our routines to  become part of our lifestyle. The truth is we don’t enjoy inconvenience and will always try to avoid it whenever possible. I am a human being, so I know how people feel: of course you know I’m not a plant.

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Ain’t you curious that some people drink alcohol and yet  are still  in great shape?
By the time you finish reading this piece, you will have  a concrete idea on how you too can achieve that.

To be frank with you, whenever alcohol is involved in an ocassion,gathering or ceremony, moods lighten up and the people are merry. Imagine how a friday club night will be without  alcohol, in fact water was turned to  wine in the popular scripture during a party, how would the story be if it was like “and water was turned to fruit juice”…. don’t take it personally; or where is your sense of humour?

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Fat burning is a ritual; you must perform it for life as long as you need it. Oh yes, the fat burning spirit must be summoned continously.

It’s just like prayers, you have to keep praying. Or will you stop praying because you prayed yesterday, last week and last month? I also doubt you will stop having your bath and brushing your teeth just because you did so yesterday.

Just the exact way you fortify yourself spiritually, you  must continue the fat burning ritual; it’s the physiological fortification. Knowing this and having the mindset will keep you going because some people think that they can stop exercising once they’ve lost weight.

The offering of sacrifices (exercises) must continue forever or else the weight that has been lost will come back.The good news is that the routine for maintaining the weightloss is not as strenuous as that which was done to achieve the state.This means that you only have to exercise few times in a week.

You have to plan a smooth workout routine that will blend into your lifestyle.Coolbodyfitness.com got you covered in all aspects of workout routines, contact us and let’s do the work while you just catch the fun doing the exercises.

All packages are very affordable.

Happy new month.

Babajide Adediran.



This question creates lot of hazzles and pandemonium because  we all have various  opinions on what beauty is. You may think someone is beautiful while some may sincerely perceive the person as ugly.

In a bid to settle all these disagreements, the most popular answer is that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I don’t contest this because if you ask  an orangutan the same question, it believes that its fellow madam orangutan is more beautiful than our own Miss World.The “eyes of beholder” ideology only makes me ask the question “what are the principles that the eyes of beholder operate on?”

When you go back in history; things start unravelling. I notice that the character of a person is so deep that it affects the overall beauty; no wonder they say beauty lies within! A person of good character tends to have an appropriate attitude in all circumstances.

High morality is the principle of a person with good character and it affects  the person’s life in totality. Humans can be described as metals that have the ability of becoming magnets. As your level of morality increases, your level of magnetization increases as well and you attract good things. On the contrary, a person loses magnetism and becomes more of an ordinary metal as the level of morality decreases; which means the person does not attract so much things.

Talking about  the external looks which are mostly attributed to the beauty, there are several bodytypes. I have talked about this several times. A lorry cannot compare itself with a saloon car, neither can a sport car compare itself with a jeep; they are of different specifications. However they can all be fine tuned to bring out the best in them.

Therefore if you are big naturally, just bring out the best in your stature.You can achieve this by raising your metabolism and toning your body muscles. Do not attempt to go slim like a “lepa” because doing so is just like stripping and cutting off the parts of bus in an attempt to convert it a convertible coupe. Even if you eventually attain the coupe out of the bus, what happens to the engine performance? DEFINITELY IT WILL NOT MATCH UP WITH THE NEW STATUS. AND THIS WILL LEAD TO MORE FRUSTRATION.

Hence, you just have to be realistic and have a real perspective. Be happy with your genetics and make it better appropriately. Remember, ALL MUST BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH NATURE

All things bright and beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Stay safe.


Babajide Adediran.




Some people get discouraged when they hear of “diet”.This is because the word “diet” has been attributed to starvation or deprivation of food.
What I mean by diet is the nutrition plan/meal plan that will enable you to lose weight not denial of food intake.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing like one special best diet or magical food, what exists  are guidelines to best diet.These are rules that if followed will lead to fat loss and weight loss. Continue reading IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT MEAL PLAN

Weight loss..Fat loss…Muscle Tone