This program is designed specifically for YOU based on your individual  unique needs. The program takes into account every aspect of your body and lifestyle while considering those equipments available to you.The workouts under this section can be done at home, in the gym, or anywhere that is convenient for you.

The programs might involve  a variety of fitness equipment or even no equipment at all depending on the information that you supply. The basic exercises in this program include cardio, strength and stretching exercises which you will have to perform weekly.

The online training session offers details on the duration, frequency, speed, distance, weight size, number of reps, and number of sets of exercises to be done as appropriate. It also comes by way of tutoring on how to execute the exercises. Tutoring aids such as pictorial illustrations and short video clips on the proper execution of the exercises are therefore made available.

Owing to the nature of this session, requisite communication is not undermined. The package consists of weekly e-mails or sms  with tips that will motivate you. You will also be entitled to free e-mail and phone consultations. A log book will be made available to you in which you can fill as you perform the exercises so that you can monitor your progress.

An edge this package has is that it affords you the opportunity to receive instructions wherever you are. It saves your time as you do not necessarily have to use the gym.

Once you have purchased this package, all the above mentioned things will be readily available to you.

Weight loss..Fat loss…Muscle Tone