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  This question creates lot of hazzles and pandemonium because  we all have various  opinions on what beauty is. You may think someone is beautiful while some may sincerely perceive the person as ugly. In a bid to settle all these disagreements, the most popular answer is that “beauty is in the eyes of the […]


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The society has tagged the word “FAT” to be a bad thing and this is giving a lot of ladies problem especially when they have slim people as friends and co-workers, or those around them just happen to be slimmer than they are.The situation has even escalated to the extent that some fat ladies avoid […]


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O DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF MOTHER EARTH. HEARKEN TO THY FITNESS COMMANDMENTS AND THOU SHALL ACHIEVE THY DESIRED BODY. 1.Thou shall not compare thy body with someone else’s body. INSIGHT: All human bodies are the same hypothetically  but totally different in the real sense.This is a fact because we all have different statures and physical […]


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Happy new month   The sermon for today is  about having the appropriate attitude.Once you possess this ,nothing can go wrong because the spirit is already in you. Fat loss is a lifestyle.It’s just like how you brush your teeth,have your bath, eat, and make up everyday so that you would look tasty. The important […]


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Escape from limitations and set this year right. What is life? I know you have a definition.How confident are you about your definition? If you stand in front of a billion people,will you still stick to your definition? Are you being honest with your replies? Or would you rather just define life as it is […]



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Human beings can never be satisfied. It is our nature,we were actually designed this way.Some people think it is bad while some say it is good.My own opinion is that nothing is good and nothing is bad,only appropriateness exists. For instance, we can take the case of an assasin who kills someone in a particular […]