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There’s a need to be realistic when it comes to fitness goals.The exercises we choose to perform on our bodies should be effective, achievable and sustainable so that we can embrace our routines to  become part of our lifestyle. The truth is we don’t enjoy inconvenience and will always try to avoid it whenever possible. I am a human being, so I know how people feel: of course you know I’m not a plant.

There are so many Continue reading IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS STATE  



This question creates lot of hazzles and pandemonium because  we all have various  opinions on what beauty is. You may think someone is beautiful while some may sincerely perceive the person as ugly.

In a bid to settle all these disagreements, the most popular answer is that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I don’t contest this because if you ask  an orangutan the same question, it believes that its fellow madam orangutan is more beautiful than our own Miss World.The “eyes of beholder” ideology only makes me ask the question “what are the principles that the eyes of beholder operate on?”

When you go back in history; things start unravelling. I notice that the character of a person is so deep that it affects the overall beauty; no wonder they say beauty lies within! A person of good character tends to have an appropriate attitude in all circumstances.

High morality is the principle of a person with good character and it affects  the person’s life in totality. Humans can be described as metals that have the ability of becoming magnets. As your level of morality increases, your level of magnetization increases as well and you attract good things. On the contrary, a person loses magnetism and becomes more of an ordinary metal as the level of morality decreases; which means the person does not attract so much things.

Talking about  the external looks which are mostly attributed to the beauty, there are several bodytypes. I have talked about this several times. A lorry cannot compare itself with a saloon car, neither can a sport car compare itself with a jeep; they are of different specifications. However they can all be fine tuned to bring out the best in them.

Therefore if you are big naturally, just bring out the best in your stature.You can achieve this by raising your metabolism and toning your body muscles. Do not attempt to go slim like a “lepa” because doing so is just like stripping and cutting off the parts of bus in an attempt to convert it a convertible coupe. Even if you eventually attain the coupe out of the bus, what happens to the engine performance? DEFINITELY IT WILL NOT MATCH UP WITH THE NEW STATUS. AND THIS WILL LEAD TO MORE FRUSTRATION.

Hence, you just have to be realistic and have a real perspective. Be happy with your genetics and make it better appropriately. Remember, ALL MUST BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH NATURE

All things bright and beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Stay safe.


Babajide Adediran.




The major determining factor of your success in life is your energy level.The higher it is the better your life would be.

A human being is like  a mansion containing all gadgets and electronics that you can possibly think of with the success of the mansion depending on the amount of gadgets and electronics that are functioning. Meanwhile these gadgets and electronics require a generator that would supply them electric current before they can perform.


The society has tagged the word “FAT” to be a bad thing and this is giving a lot of ladies problem especially when they have slim people as friends and co-workers, or those around them just happen to be slimmer than they are.The situation has even escalated to the extent that some fat ladies avoid attending public occasions and  they
scrutinize every cloth they wear just to make sure that it hides some parts that make them feel uneasy. Some even avoid taking pictures and posting them on their online profile.They also feel so uncomfortable when people stare at them.

If you happen to be in this  “FAT” category, you must not give up because if you do, it means that you are allowing other people’s perception of you to determine the way you live your life. YOUR ONE AND ONLY LIFE.

It is time for you to start living comfortably and peacefully in your body. Remember that all vehicles can not be sporty or coupes, there must be saloons, jeeps, buses …..trailers.The important factor is Continue reading SOLUTION FOR FAT LADIES


1.Thou shall not compare thy body with someone else’s body.

INSIGHT: All human bodies are the same hypothetically  but totally different in the real sense.This is a fact because we all have different statures and physical appearance naturally. Some are short and some are tall, some are dark skinned and some are light skinned..e.t.c
There are genetical and structural diferrences.
2. Thou can only get what you give.

INSIGHT: The body is so marvelous and  Continue reading FITNESS COMMANDMENTS




This is the first law that must be obeyed. If you don’t believe you can lose fat you won’t lose fat. During consultation sessions, I have encountered a number of clients that had this problem and things changed for the better when they got enlightened on the importance of believing it is possible to lose fat.

Obviously, it wasn’t their fault that they thought it was impossible for them to lose fat. Their disbelief was as a result of Continue reading 4 SUREFIRE WAYS TO GET RID OF FAT



The first statement is that ‘HARD WORK LEADS TO SUCCESS’

The second statement is ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’

Both statements are often misconstrued as being literal whereas they are both figurative.

These statements apply to all aspects of life. This writeup will focus on its relevance in the fitness industry and how it affects us mentally and physically.

Let’s take a look at the “hardwork concept”. Continue reading TWO STATEMENTS ‘KILLING US’.


Happy new month


The sermon for today is  about having the appropriate attitude.Once you possess this ,nothing can go wrong because the spirit is already in you.

Fat loss is a lifestyle.It’s just like how you brush your teeth,have your bath, eat, and make up everyday so that you would look tasty.

The important law that must be followed is consistency. You must perform what is required so as to get what you desire.

To actually lose weight and burn fat,you must adjust your attitude to the right state because you won’t lose weight or burn fat if you don’t .There are so many distractions that would stop you from acheiving your goal if you allow them to. For instance there is a range of frequencies on a radio,however  if you want to listen to a radio station,you must tune to the appropriate frequency and avoid changing it.This is just the same way you have to tune your attitude to the appropriate state and stay clear of interference. 

You will agree with me that the enthusiasm and energy is always high at the beginning but it decreases along the way.Most times it happens because you are not seeing the results that you were expecting and again the people around you might start giving you all sorts of discouragement. 

I want you to know that everything in life is in stages,especially the things that would last long take considerable amount of time to develop.For example, a baby takes time to grow,even trees that survive for long periods actually take time to grow.Proper education takes time and so on and so forth.

I won’t say much today,we will discuss more  during our subsequent sermons.

Therefore whenever you feel down that you are not seeing result and you are certain that you are doing the appropriate things, just remember that it’s a process.

You will see what you wanna see sooner than you think.keep your energy high.


God bless you brethen.


Babajide Adediran



Escape from limitations and set this year right.

What is life?

I know you have a definition.How confident are you about your definition?

If you stand in front of a billion people,will you still stick to your definition?

Are you being honest with your replies?

Or would you rather just define life as it is written in the dictionary?.


so that you can avoid criticism?


But you Continue reading SET IT RIGHT


Human beings can never be satisfied. It is our nature,we were actually designed this way.Some people think it is bad while some say it is good.My own opinion is that nothing is good and nothing is bad,only appropriateness exists.

For instance, we can take the case of an assasin who kills someone in a particular place but on trying to escape he is shot down and killed. IS KILLING GOOD OR BAD? I think you now have an idea of what i mean.

Man must advance and this can only happen when man is not satisfied with the present state of things.Imagine if man had been satisfied with nokia 3310,would you be browsing ,snapping pictures and enjoying social networks on your phone today?You are enjoying your tablets (ipad,notebooks e.t.c) because man was not satisfied with the very first analytical engine.There are so many examples to cite in various industries, and the point remains that man must advance.So if you decide to make your body better,it is the appropriate thing to do.

It is a good thing when you want to improve your body,it could be that you are skinny and you want to put on more weight or it could be that you are too fat and you want to lose some weight.

However, you must never be desperate because things might go wrong and unstable if you are desperate. For instance if you become desperate, you can start using all sorts of drugs and drinking teas without actually finding out how these things work and their side effects.

Finally, no matter the condition or state that you are,always be thankful and try to improve.

God bless you.

Babajide Adediran.