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ARE YOU INTERESTED OR COMMITTED TO FITNESS? Interest reads magazines, blog posts, watches exercise videos  e.t.c without doing anything; commitment applies them 100 times and over. Interest wants to start working out ; commitment is already in the gym performing exercises. Interest works out once in a

fitness vampire


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Who is a fitness vampire? This is someone who sucks out your energy and does not allow you to achieve your fitness goals.This fellow causes an energy leak in you; kills your positive vibes. Even though you will not see blood dripping from the mouth of a fitness vampire, the words that come out of […]


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The potency of visualisation is unimaginable. Isn’t that Ironic? Every accomplishment starts with visualisation whether you are conscious of it or not. Be it organisations, business entities, individuals or corporate bodies, they all have visions. Infact, Nigeria even has “vision 2020”.The reality is that there must be

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ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE No matter how overweight or fat you are at the moment, it is absolutely  feasible for you to attain the physique that you’ve always wanted. You may be one of those who think that slimming down is not meant for you simply  because of


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CRAVINGS CRAVINGS  CRAVINGS It creeps in on us, grips us tightly and leaves us vulnerable as victims of food. For how long shall we be in this bondange? The time has come for us to be  liberated. Clearly, a formidable strategy to tackle any situation  emerges when factors involved are known and  well  understood. Let’s […]


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The fastest route to achieve anything is either through  magic or miracle.Other fast ways  are still categorised  under these two  umbrellas. In the absence of hypocrisy and judgmental attitude,we all want quickest means to achieve our goals. Unaware to many, they  keep