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1.Thou shall not compare thy body with someone else’s body.

INSIGHT: All human bodies are the same hypothetically  but totally different in the real sense.This is a fact because we all have different statures and physical appearance naturally. Some are short and some are tall, some are dark skinned and some are light skinned..e.t.c
There are genetical and structural diferrences.
2. Thou can only get what you give.

INSIGHT: The body is so marvelous and  Continue reading FITNESS COMMANDMENTS


Some of us already know what an Israelite journey means, but for total clarity, ‘Israelite journey‘ is a term used to describe a journey or process that takes excessively longer duration than the expected or normal time.

The phrase was gotten from the bible story of  the journey that the israelites made from Egypt to the promised land.The journey took them 40 years instead of 40 days.I know that it might  sound ridiculous and odd but  we Christians believe it as a result of our faith and we know it is real.

Now, if you think that the Continue reading THE ISRAELITE JOURNEY


Breasts are wonderful,the fact that they come in two even makes  them astounding. They were the very first things I fell in love with when I got to this planet earth.Yeah,I was breastfed as a baby and I guess you had some natural milk too.

Ok,let’s get real.

Breasts primarily serve as food for the little baby at least first few months till he/she can start eating  real food and ofcourse they serve as a beauty point of attraction.I will focus on the Continue reading BOOBS..

Corsets and Cinchers

It could be so frustrating when you want to have a slim waistline/flat tummy and you’ve tried all sorts of method but to no avail.Probably you have been to the gym couple of times and you’ve also tried some fat loss pills and slimming teas but still you are not getting the results that you want and now you are contemplating on using cinchers and corsets.

As a matter of fact there’s nothing wrong in trying all sorts of method as it only shows that you really want to improve your current body state.However, you must understand the mode of operation of the methods you try out so that you can be in the safe zone.

Corsets and cinchers give the illusion of a slim waistline. They make your stomach tucked in and might actually cause some sort of permanent effect on your body if worn over an extended period of time.

One important thing to note is that corsets and cinchers do not reduce your body fat,they only compress your tummy and redistribute the fat to the extent that it appears smaller .The internal organs get pushed away form the waistline gradually as a result of the the pressure exerted on the abdomen,upper organs move up while lower organs move down,it’s similar to what happens during pregnancy.Just like when you compress a pillow ,it would appear smaller because  air escapes and some of the foam would shift up and down assuming you squeeze the middle part,but the pillow would come back to the normal size after some time when the compression is released.

Cinchers and corsets might make you sweat more and lose some water content which might result to a temporary decrease in body weight but the weight would still be gained afterwards. However there might be a permanent alteration if a corset is worn over time because it would constrict the waistline and the four floating ribs can actually get compressed which would lead to a change of waist size.

The difference between cinchers and corsets is that cinchers compress the tummy and cause a decrease of about 2 inches off the waistline while steel boned corsets instantly take about 3 to 7 inches off  to give you lovely curves(hour glass effect).

There are certain conditions that could result if corsets are worn over a long period of time,for instance:

  • there might be  occassional shortage of breath  and this reduction of oxygenation might eventually  cause metabolic syndrome which will lead to  weight gain because the metabolism will be altered.
  • the back and abdominal muscle mass will start to reduce and lose strength
  • It could cause skin irritation.

Now before you make a decision as regards wearing a cincher or corset,I want you to imagine  a situation where  you happen  to be in a new town .
If you will be there for just few days,it’s reasonable to lodge in a hotel.But if you will stay in that town for a year or two,would it still be reasonable to lodge in a hotel? shouldn’t you just rent an apartment??So if you want to give the illusion of a slim waistline for an occasion/ceremony, or even a photoshoot,sure you can wear the corset and appear slim on the waistline. But for how long will you keep doing that when there’s a better and long lasting method of achieving the slim waistline. …Yeah the best and long lasting method is exercise and appropriate food intake.

The decision is always yours to make. Assuming you decide to use a corset, please do not lace your corset too tight to the extent that you start experiencing discomfort such as  indigestion, numbness in thighs and buttocks.Infact, corset wearing should be a very slow process in order to avoid injury,so don’t force it on your body because of expectations of fast results in a short time.Most importantly,extended use of waist cinchers is not advised.

I don’t want you to be disturbed if you still have  tummy fat and perceive your efforts so far as a failure.You have not failed,your efforts are preparations because you are already on the path of success.Eventually the little drops of water would become a mighty ocean.

Now you know what it is.Enjoy.

Babajide Adediran.

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Freedom is great and most people want to be free.When you are free,your mind is at rest.People do so many things so as to be liberated,they take many steps that they think would help them gain freedom financially,mentally,academically,socially and they even belong to religious groups in the pursuit of spiritual freedom.In all aspects of life,people just want to be free.

Freedom extends to the body in the sense that Continue reading NO MORE FLABBY ARMS……LADIES


It could be so frustrating when you are skinny and people can even make it worse by always reminding you of it.You might wear lovely clothes and find out that they lack proper fitting on your body. At times your mind might be messed with negative thoughts thereby bringing out negative emotions that lower your self esteem – just because of how you look.I want you to cheer up because if you are reading this,today is the beginning of a new season in your life, you will know the steps that you can take  and your skinny days will be over. Continue reading SAY BYE BYE TO SKINNY BODY (GUYS)

Factors preventing your fat loss


You might have already become conscious that you want to lose some fat and might have even started working towards it,but you are being discouraged because there seems to be no progress.

The reason why you are not losing fat might be due to these factors that i want tell u now.

  • the type of food that you are eating:

The most obvious thing, is to avoid bad fats , bad carbohydrates and  sugary foods, especially the  processed ones. Continue reading Factors preventing your fat loss


Buttocks which is also called ‘yansh’ is an essential part of the body,without it, we can’t sit and our body wouldn’t have good articulation. Some people have big buttocks naturally while some have average ‘yansh’ and some have small ‘yansh’.All buttocks are good and should be appreciated.

Genetics play an important role when it comes to buttocks,however,there are ways you can Continue reading ‘YANSH'(BUTTS)…LADIES

flat tummy

When it comes to having a flat tummy or six packs.Nutrition plays a major role.This is why somebody might do all the sit ups in the world,perform all the crunches on the planet  and still not have a flat tummy.There is a popular slogan that ” abs are made in the kitchen” which means that if you want to have a flat tummy or six packs ,you must Continue reading flat tummy