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It’s no longer news that most people want to exercise but there’s just no time to workout. In fact, their exercise clothings are still shining but dusty because they were never utilised for workouts.This is why I have designed an exercise program that will work for the busy, very busy and extremely busy people. Yes we are overcoming the time barrier.

If I were to give this exercise routine a name, I will call it  the ‘banker program’ because  most of us are conversant with the tight schedule that is attributed to those in the  banking industry. Doesn’t that name sound nice? Of course other sectors also have their own busy schedules. We can also call this exercise program other names like: no time, sharp sharp, kick and start, fast fast, korect.

Enough with the jokes, let’s see how this program actually works. It stimulates most of Continue reading HOW TO EXERCISE WITH BUSY SCHEDULE




This is the first law that must be obeyed. If you don’t believe you can lose fat you won’t lose fat. During consultation sessions, I have encountered a number of clients that had this problem and things changed for the better when they got enlightened on the importance of believing it is possible to lose fat.

Obviously, it wasn’t their fault that they thought it was impossible for them to lose fat. Their disbelief was as a result of Continue reading 4 SUREFIRE WAYS TO GET RID OF FAT



The first statement is that ‘HARD WORK LEADS TO SUCCESS’

The second statement is ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’

Both statements are often misconstrued as being literal whereas they are both figurative.

These statements apply to all aspects of life. This writeup will focus on its relevance in the fitness industry and how it affects us mentally and physically.

Let’s take a look at the “hardwork concept”. Continue reading TWO STATEMENTS ‘KILLING US’.


Some say that truth is bitter,in fact most people say so.Well it all depends on how you take the truth in.Everything is determined by your state of mind.There are things that used to hurt us in the past but now we are okay accepting those things even several bitter things we eat and drink no longer taste bitter as they used to be.

Alcohol makes the world merry ,although some people might bring in sentiments or disapproval on this statement.Yes,it makes the world merry and it has its consequences just like any other thing.The world is all about cause and effect,you sow and you reap.Of course it is better for a soldier to perform office duty where there are no gunshots but when he chooses to be in the war field, he can still survive by mastering the arts of war.It all boils down to knowledge and application of wisdom. Continue reading ALCOHOL AND YOU


Freedom is great and most people want to be free.When you are free,your mind is at rest.People do so many things so as to be liberated,they take many steps that they think would help them gain freedom financially,mentally,academically,socially and they even belong to religious groups in the pursuit of spiritual freedom.In all aspects of life,people just want to be free.

Freedom extends to the body in the sense that Continue reading NO MORE FLABBY ARMS……LADIES


Fat is not an enemy of the body,it is essential for survival.It protects the internal organs in the body and supplies the required energy stores  when the body is under threat .However,the percentage of fat in the body should be low.

The acceptable amount of fat for women is between 25-31%  while that of men is between 18-25%.With this acceptable amount you will still be healthy and your appearance will just be normal(no six packs or sexy looks).

If you  want your appearance to be sexy ,you should be in Continue reading KNOW YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE


how do I get rid of this tummy and flabs,i don’t like the way I look,everybody is complaining and I’m considering the use of pills,supplements,whatever.Which drug do I use?”

This question and thought might be your on mind .If it is,all you need is just more information and understanding about supplements.So,enjoy this short sermon.

Medication helps you  attain your goals whether it is weight loss or fat loss,especially  when you combine it with a healthy diet and physical activity. However, Continue reading pills,supplements….


Detoxification is a process whereby toxic substances are removed from the body.Naturally,this process goes on in our bodies.In fact,we  get exposed to toxins everyday,it might be from the food that we eat,water that we dink ,the air we breathe in and other sources.

Detoxification  has many health benefits,we get refreshed mentally and can  focus more on our daily activities, there’s  also a boost in the performance of the digestive system and we have overall wellness in our bodies.Thanks to the liver,which is the primary detoxifying organ. It is constantly eliminating chemicals from the body on daily basis.

There are several drinks that you can easily make to help detoxify the body. This is one the recipes for detoxification and the things you need are:

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 orange
  • 1 cucumber
  • Bottle of Water

Lemon is vitamin C and it contains minerals like calcium,potasium and magnesium.It has a strong cleansing effect on your kidneys,liver and blood.It also Continue reading DETOX NOW

Great tip for KNEE ARTHRITIS

Middle aged and older people may suffer from  gradual wearing-away of the knee joint cartilage,the joint may become stiff or swollen which makes it difficult to straighten or bend the knee,there might also be pain and swelling.This condition is known as osteoarthritis,it is the most common type of knee arthritis.

Taking a walk minimises the risks associated with knee arthritis,infact Continue reading Great tip for KNEE ARTHRITIS