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This is a ridiculous statement. How the hell will you say that you have no time? If you are reading this believe me, you have time.You just probably think that the time you’ve got to spare is little. 5 to 10 minutes daily will do some justice to your fitness goals. You must know that whatever form of exercise you do counts; even if it’s little.Think of it as money; whatever little money you save counts.If you save 100 naira every day,you will have 36,500 naira by the end of the year. Notwithstanding any economy recession, you can use that cash to take few friends to the movies and have moderate fun.The same thing applies to excercise, no matter how litle you think it is, it still counts. 5 minutes exercise everyday by the end of the year would have helped cut off some pizzas, tasty fries, doughnuts, alcohol and so on that could have stayed on your body as unwanted fats. If you Continue reading WORST LIES YOU TELL YOURSELF


A smoothie is a thick beverage made from blended raw fruits or vegetables with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products or sweeteners.
A crucial distinction to note is that juice is different from  smoothie. Juice is made by extracting the liquid  from fruits or vegetables leaving behind the fibrous pulp whereas smoothie is gotten by blending the whole fruits or vegetables into a thick drink -excluding the skin and seed depending on its kind. Juice has only micronutrients without fiber while Smoothie has micronutrients and fiber content.
Smoothies have an edge over juice because they leave you full when consumed. You can make a smart move by consuming a fat burning smoothie. It will shed some fat just by the virtue of drinking it.
Smart move. Isn’t it?
I don’t want to talk much today and I see no reason to delay you.
These are the things you need to make a smoothie
1. A blender (high speed)
2.Fruits or/and vegetables (the chosen ones)
3.Other ingredients
Mind you, I have already taken  the liberty to ensure that these drinks go down well without upsetting your stomach. These recipes are well thought out, so be rest assured that nothing will go wrong.
I know you don’t want the toilet to be your best friend after drinking a glass of smoothie.


  • Put the liquid ingredients into the blender first
  • Add the solid ingredients secondly
  • Do not drink too fast in order to make sure that the vitamins and minerals are taken into the blood stream gently.
 These are  recipes for  great fat burning and tasty smoothies.
1 Cup Almond Milk
½ Cup Greek Yogurt
½ Cup Raspberry
½ Cup Strawberry
1.   Add all ingredients into a blender and whiz
2.  Enjoy
Almond Milk is a great low calorie liquid base. Greek yogurt  gives it protein  and  fiber.  Raspberry  and  Strawberry boost
antioxidant , vitamins and fiber.
  1 Cup Almond Milk
½ Avocado
1 Apple
5 Baby Carrots
Ice Cubes
1.  Core the apple and prepare ½ an avocado
2.  Add all ingredients into a blender and whiz
3. Drink it
It helps you alkalize and detox your body while your metabolism gets jacked up
1 Cup Orange Juice (Never from Concentrate)
½ Cup Frozen Strawberry
½ Frozen Banana
Juice from ½ a lime
2 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1.       Add all ingredients into a blender and whiz
2.      Drink up
 It energises your body quickly. Limes alkalize your  body, Chia  seeds  give  you  dietary  fiber  to  keep you full until lunch time. It’s a good way to start your day.
2/3 Cup Coconut Milk
2/3 Cup Almond
¼ Cup Greek Yogurt
½ Cup Oatmeal or Rolled Oats
¼ Cup Strawberry
½ Frozen Banana
1.       Add all ingredients into a blender and whiz
2.      Enjoy!
As a pastor says “sow a seed”.Plant this recipe into your tummy and you will  reap amazing weight loss and health benefits . It  is endowed in vitamins and slow digesting carbohydrates.It keeps you full until  lunch  time.You gonna enjoy it.
½ Cup Orange Juice (Not From Concentrate)
½ Cup Coconut Milk (No Sugar Added)
2 tbsp Matcha Green Tea Powder
½ Frozen Banana
½ Cup Frozen Mango
1.       Add all ingredients into a blender and whiz
2.      Enjoy!
 it  is  loaded with  tropical  fruits  and  rich  in  antioxidants  and Vitamin C. The Matcha Green Tea powder adds a subtle  taste and  is one of  the  richest sources of  the antioxidant EGCG, which  helps metabolism and speed up weight  loss.
In case you are also an adventurous person, be cautious of  the enticing  smoothie recipes out there. Avoid the temptation of adding so many ingredients. Just keep the ingredients between 2-6  for better digestion.
As you can see, I didn’t  talk much today.
Take a smoothie and make your life smooth
Have an electrifying weekend.
Babajide Adediran




Sex is fun, awesome and most importantly it brings forth life. Most likely you got to this world through sex except you happen to be a product of artificial insemination. If you are neither, you must be Mr Alien or Madam “Ajonu” (the spirit).

Sex is a  form of  exercise and  you can benefit from it optimally.Why not kill two birds with a stone; burn fat and have fun at the same time. Undisputedly, the best scenario is a WIN-WIN situation.

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If you understand the rules very well, you can break them effectively.

Nothing is perfect, there are always loopholes.The mere fact you can’t find one does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Life is already hacked.
You can conceive a child through artificial means; you can transplant internal organs ; and you can also change your gender.

Even the law is hacked every now and then; a lawyer may think he has nabbed a case until he realises that the opposing counsel has got him by the balls.

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Ain’t you curious that some people drink alcohol and yet  are still  in great shape?
By the time you finish reading this piece, you will have  a concrete idea on how you too can achieve that.

To be frank with you, whenever alcohol is involved in an ocassion,gathering or ceremony, moods lighten up and the people are merry. Imagine how a friday club night will be without  alcohol, in fact water was turned to  wine in the popular scripture during a party, how would the story be if it was like “and water was turned to fruit juice”…. don’t take it personally; or where is your sense of humour?

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Fat burning is a ritual; you must perform it for life as long as you need it. Oh yes, the fat burning spirit must be summoned continously.

It’s just like prayers, you have to keep praying. Or will you stop praying because you prayed yesterday, last week and last month? I also doubt you will stop having your bath and brushing your teeth just because you did so yesterday.

Just the exact way you fortify yourself spiritually, you  must continue the fat burning ritual; it’s the physiological fortification. Knowing this and having the mindset will keep you going because some people think that they can stop exercising once they’ve lost weight.

The offering of sacrifices (exercises) must continue forever or else the weight that has been lost will come back.The good news is that the routine for maintaining the weightloss is not as strenuous as that which was done to achieve the state.This means that you only have to exercise few times in a week.

You have to plan a smooth workout routine that will blend into your got you covered in all aspects of workout routines, contact us and let’s do the work while you just catch the fun doing the exercises.

All packages are very affordable.

Happy new month.

Babajide Adediran.


Some people get discouraged when they hear of “diet”.This is because the word “diet” has been attributed to starvation or deprivation of food.
What I mean by diet is the nutrition plan/meal plan that will enable you to lose weight not denial of food intake.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing like one special best diet or magical food, what exists  are guidelines to best diet.These are rules that if followed will lead to fat loss and weight loss. Continue reading IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT MEAL PLAN