Our Bridal Workout program is designed for both the bride and groom as well as the bridal train. Of course the couple and their train must look good and should be fit on the Big day!  It is gradually becoming a trend for couples and their train to indulge in energetic activities during the wedding ceremony. Bridal train dancing is now so popular that a wedding without it seems like one without the wedding cake. You definitely don’t want your train disappointing your guests by performing below expectation or in a worst case scenario, collapsing on the dance floor! This package has thus been designed specially to cater for the bridal train taking into account the roles to be played on the wedding day.

i. Bride only

The package considers the fact that planning of a wedding requires a huge time commitment and you may have little time to spare. Irrespective of your busy  schedule, as long as you can spare as little as 90-minutes per week you can purchase this package and enjoy the benefits. Even if you only have a month until your wedding, you can still have your desired body before your big day. All that is required is a commitment from you. Special attention is given to what you like and what you dislike.

Ofcourse you already know the benefits of looking great on your big day which only happens once.

  • Exquisite photographs
  • lovely video appearance
  • High self esteem

Don’t fret, you will fit in that lovely sized dress because you will attain  the sleek, lean and sexy look you want and look your best by the wedding day.

ii. Bride and Groom

This  training package  works for the two of you.

iii.bridal bootcamp

This is for the bride, groom and members of the bridal train.The classes are fun and full of energy.The program is flexible, efficient and streamlined without sacrificing quality and personalization.

Weight loss..Fat loss…Muscle Tone